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Sleepy Hollow – S3E12 – Sins of the Father

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, ‘Kindred Spirits’

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Being the good Italian mother that he is, Ichabod makes an enormous pasta meal for Abbie; he’s in the business of trying to lift her spirits, and apparently it’s a long-term operation. When Abbie gets home from work, she immediately bails on the beautiful dinner that he spent hours slaving away on to go to the shooting range. Fine. I bet the dog likes pasta, and at least he appreciates it.

When she and her PTSD have taken out their poorly-shot aggression at the paper target, Danny shows up to say he’s sorry/not sorry for saying he loved her, and also he wants to get back to them having each others backs. That sounds like a great plan, but not one great enough to ignore your phone for–Abbie gets a mysterious text telling her to show up alone and be ready to save lives. Wheres she going? Dem Woods.

Mysterious text came from Nevins, who looks like shit because he was attacked by some Woods creature. Instead of turning him in to the slightly higher authorities, he convinces Abbie to keep him around because only he knows how to fight this new monster. Everyone else is still pretty pissed about that Pandora stuff, so they drop him in the monster cell for a little interrogation.

After a little of Crane’s roasted chicken (probably left over from another meal Abbie ditched on), Nevins opens up about the Cave of Wonders he and Papa Corbin found back in Iraq. It was full of gold, but also full of some nasty creature that killed most of their platoon, and Nevins is willing to bet those gold bars he stole that the same creature attacked him and that Corbin has a case file on it somewhere…The weird thing is that he does, in the most super-secret place of all hiding places that neither Joe nor Abbie even knew about.

Case File #1 is about an Ancient Mesopotamian ghoul that can only be controlled by a gold scarab. That means someone in Sleepy Hollow has that scarab, and with Nevins already being hunted, all FBI signs point to Randall.

new partners

Except Randall doesn’t have it, and Joe and Sophie (what fresh hell partnership is this business?) figure that out as they watch the demon punch his way through Randall’s chest cavity. Now everyone is fighting to stay alive against the monster, but a high-pitched dog whistle calls the ghoul home mid-fight. You know who must have the scarab? Nevins. Sophie bets he’s hiding it in his spleen hole that Pandora made for him when she extracted her pound of flesh.

Unfortunately for our main heroes, Nevins and Ichabbie are all locked up together in their library. A good villain always reveals his backstory, and Nevins tells them that he brought the scarab back from Iraq after he sicced the demon on his unit (except for Papa Corbin). He gives the scarab to the demon, making it essentially self controlled, and runs for the catacombs while Ichabbie face the monster. Guns don’t stop a demon–which we all know by now–but once the demon has Crane by the throat, Abbie gets her shit together and shoots it in the scarab heart, killing it.

Jenny and Joe are searching for Nevins, but he finds Jenny first and holds a gun to her head while he taunts Joe about his daddy issues. Joe taunts right back and makes Nevins cry, but he also lets Jenny go and runs away, so that’s sort of a win, right?

When they curl up together back at the trailer and talk about their days’ at work, Jenny admits that she’s glad Joe made her go see her dad, even if it was really just to unleash some anger on him. The couple that bonds over their daddy issues stays together.

Jenny finally admits to Abbie that she went to see their dad, and that he wants to see her too. When she gets around to it, after all this demon fighting mess, she’s all business. She’s only there to question Papa about her mom’s madness, when it started, what happened, what were the signs. She’s clearly worried that there is more going on in her head than coming back to the land of the living, and the fact that she’s seeing the same symbol floating around in mid air is not a promising sign for Abbie’s sanity. Not that she shares this with her dad, or with Jenny, or with Ichabod. She keeps everything close to the vest, and as soon as she can get Crane out of her house she sneaks out to the garage where she has Beautiful Minded that symbol is all over the damn place.

“You saved me. I’m yours.” she prays to it.

Sleepy Hollow S3E12
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They finally gave us a monster of the week episode that actually progresses the main story; the monster itself was too weak to carry the whole thing, but it gave plenty of time to fill the story with information and open up yet another bag of questions that may or may not be answered. But the monster was fine. The plot holes were no more gaping than usual. The action was actiony. The big reveals were–well, I think we all already suspected that there is something more behind Danny’s interest in Abbie’s career. Everything about this episode was just… fine. The only real entertainment here is Abbie’s descent into madness, although that even feels less like a descent and more like a slightly downward mosey. Oh, and Crane’s opera singing. Do you think they could give us a Buffy-style musical number before this show gets cancelled?

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