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Sleepy Hollow – S3E14 – Into The Wind

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, ‘‘Dark Mirror’

Abbie is slowly, but surely, trying to get back to good; Crane is teaching her to not dwell on her “previous crazy incarceration”, and between the rock-climbing with Jenny and the FBI survival camp this weekend, that should really snap her back into her former mental state. And since she’ll be busy in the woods, Crane is going to have to go to Rochester by himself to have her symbol pendant tested.

Survivor: Dem Woods

Abbie and Sophie get paired together as teammates on the survival weekend, and Danny has to fill in to be their #3. Since they have 48 whole hours to complete the weekend, the ladies stroll through the trees and bond over their shared supernatural experiences. It turns out Sophie’s parents disappeared under “mysterious circumstances” when she was a kid, so she’s always wanted to believe in the supernatural as an explanation–and now she can. Their conversation gets interrupted when Danny and Robbie find what is clearly an empty monster lair. Later, when Abbie and Danny have a moment alone, she tries to make amends (Step 8 of 12), but he is having absolutely none of it.

Robbie gets attacked by a pale mucus-y demon while he sharpens his brand new weapon; Abbie and Sophie run to the rescue and get a few good whacks in before the thing runs off at lightening speed. Danny rushes in with first aid, and Sophie has to lie and say he was attacked by coyotes. Truthfully, which Abbie refuses to share with Danny, they figure out that the attacker was a monster called The Devourer–the Dutch buried him in that lair with an engraved warning to basically just leave him alone.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Uh oh–Abbie’s out hunting on her own and getting stressed and having flashbacks, but instead of going crazy she turns into a ninja and cuts off the monster’s arm as he sneaks up behind her! It grows back almost immediately, and they resume their hand-to-hand-to worm-filled-mouth combat. Just as he’s about to devour Abbie, Sophie shows up to save her ass. They realize that there’s no way to kill this thing, and take shelter in an abandoned cabin for the night. Robbie is not doing well, and instead of leaving immediately for help, Danny and Abbie have to argue first about a whole season’s worth of secrets before he storms out.

Sophie, who was supposed to be out looking for firewood, was secretly pulling up floorboards in their shelter. She found an old journal, and she and Abbie read it to discover that The Devourer is really the last guy bitten by the previous Devourer–although they could have just turned around to find that out, because Robbie is bloody and maggot ridden and a good bit dead, but standing on his own and growling from across the room. He picked the wrong day to not completely die, because those FBI ladies beat the fuck out of him. They decide, based on every previous monster story they’ve ever known (also a book in the Archives), that if they kill the original Devourer that attacked Robbie, he’ll pull through. And their plan of attack? Penicillin. Not kidding.

SH S3E14

Oh hey, Crane is still on this show! Abbie’s necklace is some sort of hipster bronze, and Crane is shocked to find that the pendant is actually two pieces that fit perfectly into the two pieces of his old Sumerian tablet. It gives him a psychic update, and now he knows that Abbie is in trouble and needs his help.

Since The Devourer only attacks when people are isolated, Abbie and Sophie split up. It attacks each of them separately, and they get some more good licks in (all they’ve done this episode is beat this monster up!), but it isn’t until they team up that they defeat it. Although, technically, it isn’t until they team up and Crane steps out of the shadows and shoots it with some probably magic bullet forged in the fires of Mordor that they defeat it. But, you know, teamwork. It dissolves into a pile of wormy goo and Crane explains how it was the pendant with the tablet that showed him Abbie’s trouble–so it may not be an evil necklace after all!

SH S3E14 - Crane and Abbie

Abbie comes clean with Danny. She doesn’t tell him any of the stuff that’s going on or anything about the impending apocalypse, but she does tell him that she also maybe sort of loved him, and also maybe sort of still does. In a roundabout, vague kind of way.

Puzzle Box

Pandora has found another fragment of the box… that makes two? Now their beacon siren call will awaken dark spirits pretty much everywhere, and they will come and give their energy to the Hidden One. When she suggests he can then fix Pandora and her box, ‘cause it’d be the polite thing to do, he gets real pissy that she’s not just doing it for him and his glory.

Joe and Jenny and Jenny’s amazing smoky eye end up at a fancy black market supernatural antique party to see this rumored Sumerian artifact everyone has been emailing about; even at the party, it’s still a mystery, but people sure know who his dad was. The artifact is brought out and revealed, and it’s the license plate frame to Pandora’s Box, glowing with residual energy. Jenny knows it’s the source of Pandora’s power and that they have to keep it from her. They win it with an obscene round of bidding, but when he goes to collect his prize, he touches it and his eyes turn completely white.

Because this is Sleepy Hollow, things never go as planned. Jenny and Joe don’t quite make it out of the auction unscathed: first they get a gun pulled on them as they try to leave, then Pandora shows up to take her box back.

You can’t escape Pandora when she can magically choke you from across a warehouse. She’s starting to get real angry at people taking her power, but it sounds like she might be as mad at the Unknown One as anyone else. Joe tries to hand her the box frame but touching it brings out the Wendigo in his eye. He gets in a pretty vicious slash across Pandora’s arm before Jenny rips the frame out of his hand and he goes back to Average Joe.

Unknown One is pretty pissed that Pandora got a scratch, but he’s also pretty pissed that Pandora has failed him yet again. Instead of giving her any of her power back so that she can deal with them, he’s going to just take the Witnesses out altogether. Cue ominous music…

Sleepy Hollow S3E14
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Well, that was a delight to watch! It’s been a little bit of time since there was actually a fun episode, and between The Devourer and Pandora and that little bit of WendiJoe, this one was totally worth it. What a great monster The Devourer made–no need for major backstory or huge effects, just fantastic makeup and a serious creepy factor. And worms. So many worms. The main apocalypse plot seemed to move forward with a bit more speed than usual (thank God for that), and I’m actually finally interested in how this is going to resolve itself. What’s The Hidden One’s problem? What’s Pandora going to do? She’s putting off a little bit of an Earl’s Gotta Die vibe, and I’m all for it. Jenny’s and Abbie’s heads both looked pretty incredible the whole episode, which is just an added bonus, and no Betsy Ross?! I’ll take it, and I might even watch it again just for fun.

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  1. Though it was ichabbie light I enjoyed this episode.the monster reminded me of theflukrworm fro xfiles.

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