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Sleepy Hollow – S3E4 – The Sisters Mills

Previously on Sleepy Hollow, ‘Blood and Fear’

Two cute little sisters, Tessa and Saffron, enjoy an idyllic bedtime until Saffron wakes up to catch Tessa being soul sucked by the Tooth Fairy. All parents know idyllic bedtimes are too good to be true. The comatose Tessa is taken to the ER where Joe Corbin tips off Abbie and Crane. They were just at home chatting over his video games and the fact that he’s using his civics textbook (full of incorrect dates, of course) as a coaster. Oh, and that the “helpful” Zoe has been texting him 20 times an hour.

Abbie: “We share a roof, Crane. I know a lot of things that I cannot unknow.”

Guess who else is at the hospital? Pandora in another one of her choice wigs, and by “choice,” I mean terrible. So Abbie and Jenny interview Saffron about her monster vision—the two best candidates for such a thing—but she’s not talking yet. Abbie tells her boss it’s a peeping tom case she’s handling as a favor. While the sisters investigate the girls’ bedroom, Abbie tries to segue into telling Jenny about their dad but Jenny seems down on him so she puts it off again.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Crane crawls up into the treehouse to talk to Saffron and tries a little way-too-loud, quarter-in-the-ear magic, but kids today are way too cynical for that trick. Also, they aren’t deaf. But they do find adults busting their ass hilarious. “You have rather a sadistic sense of humor, don’t you?” he asks and suggests she draw the monster. It’s predictably creepy as hell, since this fairy tale is more Brothers Grimm than Mother Goose.

Flashback! Betsy Ross’s niece fell victim to this monster and she called in Paul Revere, then shut Ichabod out of the room, igniting his manly man jealousy and perhaps a Men in Black “flashy thing.” Ichabod now realizes Revere was using dentistry as a cover for supernatural soldiering because Betsy’s niece recovered. According to their books, the Tooth Fairy is an Abyzou, a Sumerian demon, attracted by the portal left by missing teeth and takes 48 hours to completely move in, but is warded off by silver. That’s right: silver coins were given to kids to ward off the demon. This tooth fairy’s already moved on to its second victim, Greg, but he sees it and escapes while it snarls on his ceiling. Nasty!

Fortunately this beast is territorial and within its 5 mile radius is only one elementary school. But how to non-creepily find out which kids are losing teeth? Next thing you know, Jenny has Ichabod posing as the director of the local historical society and guest lecturing a class on the travesties of history and secret dentist Paul Revere. Fortunately Greg’s teacher is way more aware of his business than my teachers were, so Jenny passes him a silver coin while the Scooby Gang attempts to procure Paul Revere’s dentistry bag from its museum home. Abbie’s FBI credentials are less impressive to the curator than Ichabod’s now fully-fledged pretend role as the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society Director.

Sleepy Hollow S2E4 - Ichabod

That night the Mills sisters stake out Greg’s house while Joe and Ichabod unintentionally bond over “getting back in the saddle” while watching Saffron’s house. Abbie finally fesses up about finding their dad, but Jenny was 5 years ahead of her (atta girl!). Greg finally loses his tooth and wards off the monster with the coin until Jenny and Abbie swing into action, but it’s invisible to adults. Spraying it with water and fighting it prove to be too challenging as it knocks Abbie out and creeps off in a backbend.

At the hospital, Jenny, watching over the still-unconscious Abbie, gets a visit from Saffron, who feels guilty about not helping her sister. Jenny encourages her that nothing is more powerful than sisterly love. But when she steps out, Pandora comes right behind to take that hope away, handing her a tiny bag to help save her sister. Assuming it’s the tooth, why is Pandora so keen on getting her monsters killed, or was this not one of her own? Ichabod initially strikes out with Paul Revere’s bag, then realizes all the tools combine to form a silver nitrate flash gun.

Flash gun Sleepy Hollow Sisters Mills 3x04

That night, Pandora shuts herself in with Abbie and wakes her up with, “Hello, sleepyhead.” That’s so meta. She tries to talk Abbie out of the fight, using the word “Napalutu” for Ichabod. Then she questions what Abbie can’t stand to lose—her father. Pandora tells the story of her father beating her until she lost the ability to speak and was sold into slavery, but when she got her voice back, her owner fed her father to a lion. Hey, that’s not canon!

Back in the treehouse, Saffron lures the tooth fairy with her sister’s tooth. Crane and Jenny swoop in, flashing it with silver nitrate to make it visible, but the effect is very temporary. They flash and fight through Dem Woods and finally Jenny skewers it with a fire poker. When the contortionist beast dies, Tessa and Abbie wake up.

Flashback. Crane watches Betsy practicing sword fighting with the other men because she’s a pirate. He apologizes for assuming they were a thing rather than assuming she and Paul Revere, who visited one whole time, were a thing. She kisses him because I haven’t rolled my eyes enough today. On the upside, it wasn’t so much a flashback as a laughing gas hallucination as Crane has successfully made it through his first modern-era dentistry experience, thankfully less traumatic than that of Paul Revere’s handiwork, much to Abbie’s amusement:

“You’ve given me so much joy! The joy of dentistry!” he exclaims, before his phone beeps again. Abbie scopes out his flirty texts which now include a selfie of Zoe with Thomas Payne’s Common Sense and a bitmoji of Crane riding a bald eagle. Oy, history nerds!

Adorable Ichabod Sleepy Hollow 3x04

Later, Jenny tells Abbie that she found last episode diner girl’s name, Sophie Foster, who may be working for a guy called Atticus Nevins. She apologizes for not sharing information about their dad and lets Abbie decide what to do—she wants to talk to their dad, but she doesn’t want to screw his life up. They’ll always have each other.

In closing, Ichabod looks up Napalutu; not surprisingly, it’s Sumerian for destroyers. Why is Pandora doing this? What if they really are the destroyers? This ain’t no Greek textbook Pandora, that’s for sure.

Wire-tap pond! Black Rose! Creepy Pandora face! The end.

Next week is the Bones/Sleepy Hollow cross-over, so don’t forget to tune in starting at 8 for the full story.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Comment below and we’ll read your thoughts on our Sleepy Hollow podcast tonight!

Sleepy Hollow S3E4
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Thanks to the return of makeup-master Corey Castellano and director Guillermo Navarro, fanciful, horrifying monsters make a big comeback with the Tooth Fairy making for a scary MOTW episode with great effects and fight sequences. However, Pandora’s role was a bit thin, and because the shoe-horned-in Betsy Ross “needed” lines, Paul Revere had none. The pairings of Abbie and Jenny on one side with Crane and Joe on the other side were enjoyable. A couple of glaring logic leaps regarding the monster’s limitations, but the child actors were quite good.

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11 Comments on Sleepy Hollow – S3E4 – The Sisters Mills


    So this is my first time watching Sleepy Hollow and I gotta say it’s pretty good. I saw the thread that said Abbie was dressing as Beyoncé and I didn’t wanna miss it. Well that’s next week but I’m not mad

    I honestly thought the show would get cancelled because it’s on Fox and I didn’t think the premise would last. My bad.

    This episode was pretty good. It’s like Grimm with better acting. I didn’t know there was so many black people in this show. Greatness.

    I love Abbie and her sister and I see what you guys are talking about when it comes Abbie and Icabod’s chemistry. It’s a Lois and Clark vibe. Looks like they are trying to hook him up with somebody else. That’s fine, it means I still have a chance. She has passed Felicity on the bae scale.

    Also I’m getting Pandora and Betsy Ross mixed up and why are they trying to kill kids? Guess I’ll go back and watch previous episodes. Oh and are Abbie and the black guy gonna hook up since we matching races?

    Ok tell Sleepy Hollow they owe you some money because I’m a fan now.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The tooth fairy was terrifying the first few times we saw it and the fact that it preyed on children immediately got us invested. No one messes with the children.

    I also loved the Mills Sisters bonding, although most of it happened while Abbie was unconscious. The title was definitely misleading. And of course, Jenny tracked down Dad on her own yrs ago! I wasnt surprised and laughed at Abbies face.

    Pandora was wonderously horrible and I was glad that we finally uncovered some of her petty motives. Im certain she’s preying on Abbie simply because of her fraternal conflict. I hope Daddy Mills is some sort of witch hunter.

    Thanks guys. Keep up the good work!

    NOT FOR THE PODCAST, just some additional ranty thoughts:

    This episode did point out two hangups that I’ve had with this season thus far.

    Firstly, if we’re supposed to believe that Crane knew very little about the Supernatural War that he was fighting, as he made it seem like in the first season, then he really needs to stop discovering/revealing that EVERY person he knew in the past was involved. If he couldn’t figure out that his own wife was a witch in an active coven, then the “oh, heres someone who was obviously doing the same thing” trope is wearing thin.

    Secondly, while I don’t believe he had a relationship with Betsy, because as you’ve guys have pointed out he’s engaged to Katrina at the point that he’s fighting for the Americans, he obviously had feelings for her at the time. It drives me nuts that the writers are doing this. If he’s working out some feelings of longing for a co-worker, as we see in the dentist chair, then I think that should be made clear but the whole Corinth flirtation seems one sided and Ichabod’s doing nothing to clear it up. The Ichabod we’ve seen for the past 2 years wasn’t so flighty with his affections. And I just don’t think that 18th century men were like that at all.

    Sorry for ranting and the length.

  3. Well this episode felt like it was in season 1 and I enjoyed every bit of it. Jenny and Ichabod were great. I love their chemistry. That monster was the fucking boogeyman, the tooth fairy from the movie Darkness Falls, and the predator mixed together. Yes Ichabod, you are adorable!


    I appreciated that Ocean Waves was only in this episode for two seconds so I didn’t need to side-eye him.

    1. I was legitimately freaking out. This was the scariest episode yet because they brought out my childhood fears of fucking monsters. Why did little bobby brady decide to open the fucking closet? We shall never know, but he should have ran out the house immediately. I don’t go opening shit with mot

    2. So Ichabod is totally an American now. Eating chips, drinking lemon-lime soda, playing a first person shooter, and failing tests by not studying. Priceless. And what are the things Abbie learned that she can un-know? If they are sexy things, she need to help a sister out. I would like to know.

    3. But what I do know is that Abbie’s titays were out in that shirt in her living room. Shannyn’s wig was awful. The little kid’s name being Saffron was terrible. And Betsy sucks. When she said to Ichabod that he shouldn’t be here, was I the only one thinking that she should be on the show? She cannot sword fight what so ever. What the fuck was with that weird princessy music in the background as she kissed Ichabod in his dentist drug filled fantasy? This ain’t twilight.

    4. This is wrong but…when Ichabod walked into that little girl’s play house and said I have you seen my quarter? I thought dude that’s how you go to jail. Anyway, he was corny as hell and the kid wasn’t having any of it. But I was. I think he was so freakishly adorable.

    5. Ha! When Jenny said she found him 5 years ago I laughed so hard. I don’t know if they meant that to be comical, but I couldn’t help myself. I do love that they stuck by one another during the fight and Jenny in the hospital.

    6. Zoe this bitch. This hussy, harlot, floozy, strumpet ogress better back down. I am not here for this. Not that he can’t have someone, but she is plain. She better not be the descendent of Betty Ross. I’d be so pissed.

    Question: So this monster can be seen with water? How Sway? How did Jenny know that before the explanation later? Did I miss something?

    Comment: I know Ichabod is old but can we please give him some new old people clothes? He has an updated hair cut so he needs an updated outfit. I mean since he is becoming a curator (yay his ass is getting a job) and pushing that privilege to get that bag, that he could get some new clothes. Just once would I love to see him in sweatpants on a couch.


    Okay, I enjoyed this episode. The tooth fairy was terrifying-looks like they used a Cirque Du Soleil acrobat and it was awesome. I’ve enjoyed all the episodes this season. Having said that, it wasn’t until this episode that I realized that old magic is gone. Season 1 had the perfect blend of anticipation, chemistry, plot, and fascinating storytelling. This season, is enjoyable, but not magical like season 1. Even the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod feels stunted (although I could tell he was about to shed tears with her in that hospital bed). I’m not sure what’s happening, but I hope they get it back. I am still a Sleepyhead and will still watch. I’m just a bit sad is all.

    Monster effects were vastly improved this episode compared to the first few. I am NOT looking forward to next week at all.

    I have a serious dental &
    anything dental related phobia but I liked this episode.
    Monster of the week aka scary tooth fairy was awesome, freaky, & strong-see the way that thing knocked Abby unconscious & nearly kicked Icabod’s colonial buns 😄
    Icabod’s long winded tangents are the best ie prepping for the citizenship test/acquiring revere’s dental bag from that historical society (he mentioned quills)
    the scene w/Corbin in the car ire: serial texter aka ms Corinth was hilarious-I know many are not feeling it but I like icHabod has a female admirer-not shipping them but it’s kind of cute
    Abby & Jenny-really enjoyed the close bond they share-was really feeling the hospital scene b/t the sisters & the way jenny counseled the young girl
    Paul revere-so according to SH writers,all the founding fathers had supernatural powers or abilities???!!!
    Enjoyable episode-looking forward to the podcast


    Definitely the best episode this season. The monster was terrifying! And creepy as hell!

    They probably should have named the episode something different but the scenes we did get with the Mills sisters were all great. I love seeing Abbie & Jenny spend time together and fight evil together. Plus we should’ve known Jenny found Daddy Mills already. Lol!

    Abbie has the best boss. Do you think he gives her so much leeway because they used to be a thing or he’s like that with all his agents?

    Ichabod is the perfect fit for the Historical Society. Perfect. But that don’t mean he needs to be texting thirsty ass Zoe all the time. She’s worse than Patty Mayo on the Flash! If they do make them a thing, it’ll be brief cause she’s only a rebound chick after Katrina. At least it better be brief!

    Why was Pandora acting like that with Saffron? Her sister was the one with the missing tooth. Either way, very creepy. And she’s definitely targeting Abbie. Clearly she’s gonna have to go protect her dad from whatever Pandora sends after him. Do you guys think he might have some supernatural in his background too?

    As usual, Betsy Ross is completely unnecessary. And why would he hallucinate her while he was under at the dentist? She is so unnecessary. Ugh! Did love the male bonding with him & Joe in the car. And he & Jenny were great!

    Now what do you guys think about Ichabod’s behavior at the hospital? I saw this tumblr post saying he was too vanilla in the scene and was only treating Abbie like she was his friend. I don’t know if they’re just looking for things to complain about or what. Here’s the post of you want to check it out:

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And I am probably the only one here who is actually looking forward to next week! Lol


    I’m gonna make this short because I’m walking into a screening of the Jessica Jones pilot and this security guard keeps looking at me. I loved this episode.

    1.) I need more Jenny scenes. She was dope. Abbie should have pluck the shit outta Pandora. She was all in her damn face in that hospital room.

    2.) I just wanna say I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE these recaps. John and Donny my dogs but ain’t nothing like a PF Sleepy Hollow podcast with wit my Baes. I went back over the summer and rewatched season 2 just so I can listen to you guy’s recaps. I love what you women bring to this podcast. It’s so hard to find podcasts with all women and I really appreciate it.

  8. not sure if I’ll make it in time but…


    I am seriously kicking myself for not watching this show from the start because I adore it. I chose to defer watching HTGAWM so I could watch SH. The Monster of the Week was hella scary. The tooth fairy’s freaky-ass mobility and lack of a spine was terrfying. Couple that with the extremely effective directing — using that stop start thing where the monster is getting closer without you seeing it moving closer. Not sure if I’m describing it well but it’s very Twin Peaks.

    I love the little sisters story juxtiposed with Abbie and Jenny. Although calling the episode “The Sisters Mills” didn’t seem right because there wasn’t enough of them. I thought I was going to get more backstory and perhaps flashbacks on their childhood. The Mills sisters chemistry is outstanding and alone is reason enough to go back and watch seasons 1 & 2. Were they always this way?

    Crane high on dentist gas was utterly adorable.

    Looking forward to listening to the podcast. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. Kudos again.

  9. Hopefully this makes it.

    FOR THE PODCAST – I don’t think I can add more that what everybody else is watching. But I am really enjoy sleepy hollow this weekend. I’m even watching it live over Scandal and I haven’t regretted that decision once.

    The monsters are really good, even though their not cgi they are doing a good job. It’s like scary 90’s monsters that mess with your head. I feel bad that I hated on shannyn sosoman (pandora)so much on Wayward Pines. I’m really enjoying her in SH, her outfits are way better and I even enjoy the 5 million wigs she wears. She’s plays a villain really well.
    The mills sisters were on fire this episode, icahbod was adorable as always. I love listening to you ladies every week, keep up the fantastic job. 👍👍

  10. Why do I think it’s weird that Crane plays shooter games? Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters…Crane should never have children. I literally groaned when Crane said, “Betsy Ross.” Not a fan. “Go with it.” GO WITH IT?! She’s TERRIBLE. Why do they take such care with his look and not with the women they put opposite him (hair, make up, eyebrows)?

    And yes, he is adorable.

    • And he always has to say her name the same way. Bet-syyyy ROSS. Yes, Crane, we know who she is now. Completely agree about the appearance, although to hear them tell it, it’s a masterpiece.

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