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Sons of Anarchy – S6E1 – Straw

Kurt Sutter – you son of a bitch. This season’s SOA begins with Tara in jail, Chibs at the VP slot, Nero taking care of business, and Gemma doing her all to encourage a sick and twisted Oedipus complex.


Otto biting off tongue

Last season Otto removed his own tongue to remove any chance of turning on the Sons. This bold move is turning on him this season as he greets each morning with a horrifically violent rape by a series of unknown prisoners. Ex US Marshall Lee Toric is a twisted S.O.B bent on retaliation…again and again and again……..

We also learn Tig was passed on the Sgt of Arms post in favor of Happy. Let’s face it – Jax is the master President. He removes emotion and does what is needed for the club. Happy is the emotionless killing machine and Tig is a memory of the Clay reign with his own fall out to combat.  Jax has chosen well.

Our boy Unser is still hanging like champ. I don’t mean to be an ass, but wasn’t he supposed to be out 2 seasons ago?!?!

The Marshal must have misfiled some paperwork because suddenly, Clay is in protective custody on the inside.

Jax has a meet with Pope’s boy who makes it clear – Tig is still a target. Jax makes a mild effort to save his boy before agreeing to turn him over once Clay is dead.

Tara meets with her lawyer Ally Lowen to discuss nothing much other than she doesn’t want to see her husband.  (I feel this is due to a horrific ‘do. WHY did Tara deserve the butch cut?!?)


For the record – I LOVE Nero!!!  LOVE HIM.  He is all about letting Gemma be the crazy bitch she is while just living his own life. I LOVE THIS GUY!

While Nero and Gemma are having a norm family meeting in the whore house – word and body arrives to show Lila has been physically and sexually assaulted by a mislabled client of their porn stable. Poor Lila. This girl seriously gets the shittiest end of every stick.  And now – Torture Porn.

Lee Toric US Marshall brother to the recently murdered nurse victim of Otto meets with Clay and explains he has been focusing his attentions on Otto while keeping Clay safe.  He gives Clay a chance to save himself if he just speaks out against Jax.

Sons of Anarchy S6E1

Bobby is now a peg down after cutting out his VP patch.  He chats around and seems to be focusing on the Nomad life. Is Bobby done with the Redwood Originals? Is he considering continuing Clay’s gun running plan?

All along we have suspected Gemma of turning in Tara. Gemma and Wendy have a meeting of the finger pointing blame game when Wendy finally places sobriety as her #1 priority.  She won’t fight the club though she misses the family.  She wants the best for Abel.

Meanwhile, in Nero’s world, Dave Navarro fights for screen time:


SOA and Nero’s crew team up to take on Lila’s torture team.  You know all those rumors of SOA racism?  Apparently they are not without standing. When faced with Middle Eastern Porn makers – the MC gets rude and dirty.  The dispute seems dangerous when shots are fired but the fight quickly turns to a pistol whipping fight.  Who knew??

Shocking to all involved – the police come rolling in.  Thankfully the head officer is as crooked as they come and asks for an out for a buddy of his.  Said buddy happens to be the Madam of a popular whorehouse.  Like sticks to like so…..Sons-Of-Anarchy-Season-6-Episode-1-Straw-4


Lee Toric meets with Tara and confesses to turning her in. Tara can no longer rely on hatred of Gemma and must face her poor decisions on her own. Toric says she can expect 5-7 as an example. He offers her relocation for her and the boys for turning on Jax.  Despite her previous plan of taking the boys and running – Tara says loud and proud “I’m not guilty and I’m not a rat”.

Well that’s gotten you far, doctor – hasn’t it?

Somehow Tig is sent in to deal with “The Persians” and gets to hear the fatal line “I hope you watch our movies and see your daughter raped.  Calling for you. Daaadddy!”

Wrong damn Daddy to break bad with.   If you don’t get it – CATCH UP BEFORE WATCHING THIS SEASON!


Otherwise, we get it…. actually I was stunned it was so piss and vinegar fast!  Then Tig goes and acts like an amateur and pisses on the victim…literally…DNA anyone?!?

Tig does a burial at sea via shark cage. He sings to his long lost Georgia.

Clay is introduced to Genral Population.

Tara break Ole Lady and fights for a blanket in prison.

The Madam takes Jax on a tour that ends in abandoned adultry.

Meanwhile, through the entire episode,  Mini Jax is in a journal writing ponder face dual with our lead character. Is it Young Jax?  A Jax Jr we don’t know of?  Mini Jax years from now?  WHO IS THIS KID?

Questions stop mattering when the kid turns in his pen for a gun and enters his school.  We think perhaps Dave Naverro is the parent, but it isn’t explained nor does it matter to the story at this point.  At the end this episode resonates discord, sorrow, horror, and loss of faith. So much undone in an episode.  And this is just the begining of the end.


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