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Sons of Anarchy – S6E10 – Huang Wu

Previously, on Sons of Anarchy: “John 8:32

Tara is a lonely, lonely Ole Lady. Now that all of her secrets are out of the bag, she doesn’t have a friend in sight. The Red Doctor is taking flight out of fear of retribution from Jax. Wendy has retreated to the needle. Jax has moved out after telling her she will have a Son on her back at all times to make sure she doesn’t take the boys anywhere outside of Charming.

Sons of Anarchy | Tara

Jax is trying to get all of his ducks in a row, so the DA can land on the IRA and he can get on with moving the club to their future of porn and escorts. With Clay’s trial moved up, Galen and company are anxious to get all of their buyers on board. They request to meet with the last hold out that is considering moving their business to the Chinese distribution ring. Galen opens fire on the Chinese members and kills one of their men. The last hold out is on board but the Chinese are livid. They ask Jax to give them the location where they can find Galen and his guns at one time. Jax happily complies.    Perhaps he is considering sweetening the deal for the DA?

Sons of Anarchy | Jax and guns.

Tara backs her truck over Juice’s bike and has a “heart to heart” with Gemma. Gemma tells her she will never raise her boys and it is her choice if they tell them “Mommy went away or Mommy passed away”.

Tara asks Juice where she can find Jax. Juice is still feeling a little pissed over the bike so he gives up Jax’s location. Tara’s day is not going well and she walks in on Jax in bed with the madame. (Again) Tara tests the strength of her often broken surgeon’s hand against the madame’s face. She and Jax face off in the street where she breaks down screaming for him to see what he has done to her. The good doctor has looked better… but then, so has the madame.

Sons of Anarchy | Lady

Nero and Unser get to know each other as they go off to check on Wendy. Unser is hard on Nero but you can see Nero is amused by the salty old sheriff. Their bonding is heightened by the trial of finding Wendy drugged unconscious with her stove on fire. They call for Gemma who announces Wendy will be checking into the rehab known as “use again and I’ll rip your tits off”. It’s easy to forget that Wendy was once a big part of Jax’s life but Gemma seems willing to care more for her knowing what Tara is capable of. Better the devil you know…

Sons of Anarchy | Gemma

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