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Sons of Anarchy – S6E11 – Aon Rud Persanta

Previously, on Sons of Anarchy: “Huang Wu

After weeks (months… years… ) of planning, the time has come for action.

The Sons arrive on schedule to help with Clay’s prison transport extraction.

Sons of Anarchy | Group

I am such a fan of heist movies that involve planning, gunfire, and awesome driving sequences. So in my world, This Plan Was AWESOME! The look on Clay’s face when he saw SOA at the door, instead of the IRA, was priceless.

Sons of Anarchy | Clay

Unfortunately, Bobby took a hit to the shoulder before they were able to get away completely free and clear. If only they had a doctor on call…

Sons of Anarchy | Tara

Only Gemma could manipulate the Hippocratic Oath to convince Tara to rush back into the role of Mob Doc.

The Sons take Clay to the airport to meet with Galen and allegedly set him on his new path as a rogue gunrunner. Things aren’t always as they seem though, as the Sons pull arms and lay waste to the Irish followed closely by their Ex-President.

I have to say, I have been waiting to see this.

Sons of Anarchy | Clay shot

It really was cruel of them not to close the blinds for Gemma’s sake, though.

Riding to gather supplies for surgery and on to the cabin, Tara receives a call. Seems the DA is not pleased with the goose chase she’s been placed on this day, despite the sheriff’s insistance that Jax kept his word. I mean–technically–Jax DID deliver Galen and the guns… there were just a few casualties in the mix. Suddenly, her deal is back on the table, just as she is realizing that Jax has been working to keep his word to go legit, no matter the cost.

Sons of Anarchy | Jax

Will Tara really turn over the bullet for immunity, or will she fall back into the role of Ole Lady? This is the question.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE NERO?!?!?! This guy! My heart broke for Unser turning the grandkids over to the happy couple of Gemma and Nero, but I LOVE NERO so much; I had to appreciate the awesome homelife Gemma can now create thanks to the awesome guy in her life. Power couple of the year, right here!

Sons of Anarchy | Gemma and Nero

As a side note. I have been waiting for this episode! I have been so annoyed with the round and round and crazy authorities and insane women and dumb attempts at manipulation with NO  VALUE–until this episode. THIS was a redeeming episode for the SOB Kurt Sutter. THIS is a serious MC. THIS was a President in action. THIS is why I stick with SOA!

Longtime SOA fans that remember this song from that kickass episode in season 2: I ask that you put your “Hands In The Air” in memorandum of Clay, and for the rise of Jax, with this fan-made YouTube video. (And to mention it’s a shame Clay was shot in the wrong side of the neck) Ladies, you’re going to want to favorite this:

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