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Sons of Anarchy – S6E2 – One One Six

4 Dead     3 Kids      9 injured   3 critically

A security guard shot and killed the shooter when he paused to reload.

But that’s information that has to wait to be revealed.

This episode opens with the important business of Gemma and Nero continuing their relationship of hickies and foreplay.

A knock at the door brings pause to the fun and games when Nero welcomes his cousin Arcadio into his house for a serious chat.

SoA S6E2

Turns out the school shooter’s name is Matthew and he’s the son of Acradio’s girlfriend Darby.  Even better – the gun used in the shooting was a KG9 belonging to Arcadio… supplied by the Sons. So far Darby has kept quiet but she’s still in shock. How long will it be until the Sons are tied to the crime? Gemma chimes in that Darby has to go and the Club can probably help.

SoA S6E2

Meanwhile, Clay carries on in jail. Ex US Marshall Lee Toric is still trying to make a deal Clay can’t refuse. Clay agrees to contemplate these plans if he is given audience with Gemma and Jax.

SoA Clay

Tara is taking her walk to freedom (even temporarily) and vents her worries about Torit.  She is advised not to worry as he has no current authority.  Probably decent advice considering her husband can’t help but pick her up from jail on his motorcycle.  Great way to maintain her image of innocence in the public eye.

Gemma gives Jax a heads up that Nero will be dropping by with a bombshell.  Jax seems at a total loss by the fact that he may have to handle the school shooting in even a collateral capacity.

Jax takes a moment to talk to Tara about how things will be improving. He’s taking the club in the right direction.  Earnings will be legit (Strippers and Escorts).  “Trashy not bloody”  He swears he can take care of them. I guess Tara is supposed to be relieved. I mean IMAGINE if they had to rely on her salary as a neonatal surgeon!  HOW WOULD THEY EAT?!?!

And let’s not forget Opie.  (Like any of us can)  Jax reassures Tara that Opie’s death will not be without meaning.  And Tara shouldn’t worry – any jury would understand exactly why she handed a deadly weapon to a known violent felon member of her husband’s motorcycle club.

SoA Opie

Welcome Home Babe – I gotta ride….


Clay stands firm on no commitment til he gets his meets.

Bobby is riding between charters feeling the water.

Bobby Munson

Gemma and Tara have a moment alone to acknowledge Gemma never turned in Tara.  There are polite Thank Yous and Welcomes, but it is obvious this doesn’t change their standing with each other.

Toric goes to the DA to play Let’s Make A Deal with his info on SAMCRO and the school shooting.

Everyone agrees there is nothing more dangerous than a “Junkie Rat” and thus Matthew’s mom needs to be removed from the current environment of police waiting to swarm.

Clay meets with Gemma and tells her all the ways she’s been the perfect Ole Lady.

Jax meets with the Irish. He discloses their tie with the school shooting and the new additional need to get out of the gun game. The Irish agree to working with another chapter on the conditions of access to Clay and the immediate movement of an influx of KG9s – they see a silver lining to the cloud of dead children.

SoA S6E2

Meanwhile, Tara requests a confidential pregnancy test.

Tara meets with the lawyer to discuss many topics other than her defense.  Mainly the establishment of Wendy as custodian of the boys to keep them away from Gemma and most importantly – the timing of her filing for divorce.

Jax is not in town for any of these happenings because he is dealing with Nero’s crew’s fallout after the school shooting. Best efforts are for naught when Nero is forced to shoot his own cousin Arcadio and Juice is pressed to handle the heartbroken mother Darby.

Sons of Anarchy

Nero is beyond furious.  He has deep seeded MORALS!  Jax denies…denies…denies.. that he has once again made Juice a nice guy who does horrid things.

Jax comes home to Tara.  They both play up how mundane their day was.  Meanwhile Nero oversees the burying of the dead.

**As a sidenote – I get Kurt Sutter’s point of the school shooting. He has defended this choice stating he feels it would take a senseless violence close to Jax’s children’s age to drive home the collateral damage of the gun business.  I get that. Not only do I get that – I find it brilliant.

What I do not get is the total novacaine feeling of this episode.  We were placed on the brink of falling into the abyss with the people trying not to feel attached to the horrors that happened inside that school.  This was an amazing buildup to a storyline that could have ripped breath from  lungs.  Instead, we are asked to put our compassion behind the doctor’s divorce timing and neglect the thoughts of the mother that lost her child simply because she was a junkie in the way.

If I failed mentioning it yet in this recap – Kurt Sutter is a son of a bitch.

Sons of Anarchy


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