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Sons of Anarchy – S6E3 – Poenitentia

I’m too tired for the MC life. So many minutes wasted lately on moving players around. We. Want. Action.

Sons of Anarchy S6E3

At least the DA is taking the school shooting seriously.

Jax talks to Clay and Toric. He tries to smooth over the club’s involvement with Otto’s murder, but Torric isn’t easily diverted.

Sons of Anarchy Jax

Clay fights his way through intro to GP and earns a holding cell in Solitary.

Jax stands firm with his ties to Pope Enterprises.

Is Jax turning on Tig?  Master of “Do the wrong thing?”   He’s made worse decisions….

And through it all we are spun by a revelation as Jax tries to make sense of an insurance bill… Tara is, by all appearances, pregnant.

Tara crying

This could easily be the resounding revelation of the episode.

Except a dead body is found in a field.

And worse yet, Pope’s people find Tig.


Has Jax finally hung Tig to dry? Is the pregnancy real? Is Bobby full on Nomad?

At least there is finally some movement in the show. Cliffhangers by the handful, but we have something interesting to look forward to.

Kurt Sutter, I give you a pass… this week.

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