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Sons of Anarchy – S6E4 – Wolfsangel

Previously on Sons of Anarchy ‘Poenitentia’ 

To think, just last week I was complaining about all the time SOA has been wasting with building stories. The final turn over of Tig to Pope’s crew was bittersweet in that we could not believe Jax would hand him over, but at least something was finally happening on the show.

So, imagine the surprise when this week opened with Tig knocking on Jax’s door to relay a message that Pope’s guys wanted to talk to Jax about Clay. And by the way – the prospects never showed…..

Meanwhile at the shop, Unser is the unfortunate recipient of a chest swastika delivered by a trio of NeoNazis. Is this retribution for Clay’s antics inside of prison? Perhaps. One thing is for sure: Unser really takes a beating for the club he isn’t even a member of.

Sons of Anarchy S6E4

Tara plays MC doc on call again by seeing to Unser’s wounds. Unser becomes quite heated when pressing Gemma about what could have happened if the kids had been spending the morning with him. Gemma states quite plainly that there is nothing to worry about because she takes care of her kids. One look from Tara has her quickly correcting the phrase to grandkids, but it is obvious that Gemma still sees herself as Queen of all she surveys.

SoA Tara

Meanwhile, T1000 arrives from the SoCal club to say they have voted down the idea of taking over the gun running business for the Redwood Originals.

Sons of Anarchy S6E4

It appears Crazy Pants Toric’s scheme to frame Nero with the dead body of one of his escorts may be working. Sheriff Roosevelt and company arrive with a search warrent for his vehicle and request that he accompany them downtown to discuss the murder. Nero is obviously saddened by the news of the death, but is completely okay with playing along with the police as he is innocent. He also takes a moment to reveal to Roosevelt that Toric is playing games under the guise of assisting the police. You can actually see Roosevelt’s thoughts turning over Toric in his mind.

SoA Sheriff

Jax has a meet up with August Marks and is told he has passed the loyalty challenge.  They are willing to spare Tig if SOA can provide them with the IRA gun business.

The Sons develop a plan to track down the Nazis who attacked Unser. In classic SOA style – they muck up the entire plan and end up in a shoot out that provides no answers as to who is behind the attack on Unser.

Unfortunately, the IRA members are not happy with the hot potato treatment they have been dealt by the Sons.


Wendy continues to taunt Gemma with the thought of Tara taking the boys on the run. We see that all of this naysaying has been orchestrated by Tara herself. Why is she antagonizing Gemma?

Toric tries one finale bargaining strategy with Clay: Turn on SOA or become the recipient of the attentions Otto has been receiving each morning. He goes as far as bringing Clay to the infirmary to see Otto’s misery first hand.


Toric’s plan backfires when Clay discreetly hands Otto a shank. For the first time since the show’s conception, I cheered for Clay Marrow!  Someone finally gave Otto what he needs to end his miserable existence. Otto being Otto, he had to take one more life on his way out.

And I believe the entire viewing audience let out a cheer when we said goodbye to Toric.

Goodbye Toric


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