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Sons of Anarchy – S6E5 – The Mad King

Previously, on Sons of Anarchy: “Wolfsangel

The Sons are on a stakeout, and their loved ones are having a sleepover. Is there any other way to handle a war with the IRA?

We can really feel how thin the club has become when they try to track down the murderers while offering protection to their families.

The DA comes in to meet Sheriff Roosevelt and check on the investigation into SOA and Toric’s murder. You can tell Roosevelt had no interest in putting much effort into tying the Sons to the creepy Marshall, but as the DA points out – somebody has to pay for four dead children. (She has a valid point.)

Well hello, Miss Adultery In The Cathouse. I was wondering if Jax was going to drop that “Project” after his little indiscretion… apparently not.



This meeting is all business, and it allows Roosevelt to stumble upon the local PD which is supporting the new SOA enterprise. Unser tries to question Tara to find out if she’s trying to get out of town. Tara states it’s none of his business until Unser offers to help. Can Unser really be trusted to deceive Gemma?

Jax and the Sons spend most of the episode chasing the few members of the IRA who are left in America trying to get a direct line to Ireland. Jax reaches out, tries to plant seeds about the validity of deals with Clay, and attempts to convince the IRA to go with Marks and leave the Club alone. The IRA seem to be betting on Clay getting out and carrying on the deal they had originally discussed. Can the IRA still trust the Clay connection? Will they leave the Sons in peace to give him a chance? Or erase all traces their connection ever existed?

Sons of Anarchy | Dudes in suits

Gemma goes meets with Wendy to give her updates on the lockdown and photos of Abel. She plays on her heartstrings by saying she was always better for Jax if only she hadn’t allowed herself to become a junkie. Forget the IRA; the women of SOA have a serious war brewing. Wendy is tired of being the monkey in the middle, but she is obviously so worn down by the two women she is stuck between.

Sons of Anarchy | Gemma

Clay arranges a conjugal visit, which is apparently one of the few rooms in a prison that can’t be wired by the police. (Who knew?!) The club believes he has something to say, but will Gemma go along?

Of course she will. Clay confides that the IRA is not willing to work with anyone who isn’t white, and they are planning to get him out and back in business.

Aaaand because this show can’t get seem to get enough prison rape, two guards bust in and demand to watch Gemma and Clay or watch Gemma with one of the guards.

Kurt Sutter – you son of a bitch.

Aside from Nero, everyone seems over working with the Club. The police friends of Miss Adultery In The Cathouse want no parts of the DA observation.  Nero and Tara are facing prison time. The IRA is obviously not pleased with the way the wind has changed.

At least that’s what the bomb in the clubhouse seems to imply….

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