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Sons of Anarchy – S6E7 – Sweet and Vaded

Huge thanks to ProFan Kituria for stepping in last week!

This week we see the Sons are regrouping in their new temporary clubhouse, a former candy shop? It helps to have friends in high places, but as the Mayor reminds them, their ties have a term limit. He can only promise them a few more months before he rides the wave of club unpopularity out of town.


The Wigless DA Patterson is still trying to get down and dirty with her deal making. She tries to sweat Nero into taking a deal against the MC.

Sons of Anarchy S6E7

The Nomads are made Redwood Official and Rat Face gets patched in. (It’s easy to say he’s earned it, but let’s be honest, they’re really slim in numbers these days.)

SoA S6E7

Gemma updates Nero on her visit with Venus. You would think Nero’s plate would be full enough with his own problems, but news of Joey’s situation seems to seriously freak him out. He begs Gemma to bring Jax in to save Joey. After hearing of Venus’s childhood, the MC is willing to play white knights for the damsel in distress.


The Wigless DA Patterson goes to meet with RoboCop and request help with sinking SOA, and by request I mean strong arm. She is on a mission!

The Sons and Venus pay a visit to Mommy Dearest’s house and find Alice is every inch the evil wench Venus and Nero painted her as. We also find out Auntie Venus is really Papa Vince to the lost boy Joey. Tigger may be falling in love.

They track Mommy Dearest and her merry band of child pornographers to a dingy hotel adorned with the faces of all the innocent children we can only assume have fallen prey to the depraved “business” that takes place inside those walls. Joey is drugged on a couch and Venus almost puts a bullet through Alice’s skull as soon as she lays eyes on her. The Sons calm her and Alice proceeds to berate Venus and say Joey’s life will be ruined because of Venus.  As she rambles, the words lose focus for Venus and begin to encompass Jax.  He gets lost in the story imagining his own children before remembering he doesn’t have to listen to this hag; he’s President.


Speaking of crazy mothers, Gemma and Tara are still in the middle of their own chess match. Thanks to the DA’s pressure, Tara decides to push her offense to a new level of mental manipulation. She frames Gemma for an “assualt” that leads to the “loss of her baby girl”. Poor Unser and Wendy look sick from their roles as pawns in this game and frankly I feel ill observing it.


In case child pornography and a truly awful manipulation aren’t sick enough for you,  Kurt Sutter made sure to throw in a scene of Nero trying to ignore prison sex on the bunk below him.  You know, cuz Kurt Sutter is a son of a bitch.

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