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Sons of Anarchy – S6E9 – John 8:32

Previously, on Sons of Anarchy: “Los Fantasmas

Nero is home from jail and snuggled up with Gemma. She tells him all the hoopla that went on with Tara and knows that she lied about the baby but doesn’t know how to prove it. Nero just wants to lay low and get back to selling ass and banging Gemma.

Patterson struts through the station head high and wigless. One of the white officers asks what happened to her hair. The randomly attractive black officer speaks in some jive talk that the white officer does not understand. It’s obvious someone white who watched Airplane one too many times wrote the line for that police officer. Patterson puts 3 units on the Sons. Roosevelt does not think that is the best use of their resources.

The Sons gather at the candy shop. A preteen is lurking about, she runs up to the store and throws a wrench through the front window. Jax gives chase and yokes up the girl. She cries rape, the townspeople of Charming are confused and disgusted, but don’t intervene. The girl runs off and Jax is embarrassed and annoyed. Roosevelt shows up with the Sons new baby sitter.  Juice gets a call from RoboCop and the Milf Madam. They convene at Nero’s. Patterson is strong arming anyone associated with the Sons. RoboCop is not taking the hit for the Sons actions, and has a plan. Nero tells Max he needs to dig a little deeper into what is going on with Tara, and things may not be quite what they seem. Jax shuts Nero down and stomps off like an uninformed toddler.

Sons of Anarchy | CCH Pounder and Charlie Hunnam

Jax calls an all hands meeting to discuss the new plan. The sons pass the vote. Jax pays Patterson a visit he offers up the IRA for full immunity for the Sons and that Tara’ s case is revisited because Toricwas the one connecting dots and she knows he was not in his right mind. Patterson agrees to back off the Sons for 10 days. If she doesn’t see results she will make his life a living hell and Tara is going to jail forever.

Tara is meeting with the lawyer, she is obviously telling half truths. The lawyer is suspicious but does what she is paid to do.

Nero confronts Tara at the hospital actually it was less confrontational and more “can’t we all just get along”  nope Tara is sticking to her lying-ass guns. Gemma pays Doc Red a visit as well (how doesn’t she pass Nero in the hallway). Gemma is good at getting people to show their hand and Doc Red gave Gemma just the ammo she needed to plant a seed of doubt in Jax’s mind.

Sons of Anarchy | Hayley McFarland

The Sons find out that the child who assaulted the candy show, is the daughter of a woman that was killed in the accident that also killed Jax’s father. He pays a visit to the father of the girl and he explains that times are tough at home, she has emotional problems and recently found who was to blame for the accident. A photo of the wife is familiar one, and as longtime viewers know, that chick is not dead. She is a homeless woman wandering the streets of Charming and portrayed one of my favorite lesser known actresses Olivia Burnette. Jax tells Mr Putner not to worry about paying them back for the bike or the window.

Clay goes to church and has a revelation brought on by the IRA plan to break him out of the pokey. He pulls a Hannibal Lector and bites the nose off of a guard that tries to subdue him. He is taken to the infirmary and the prison doc hands him a phone. He has 40minutes until his next round, if he gets caught and snitches on the doc he will chemically lobotomize him. The doc returns Clay, is back in shackles, the guard with the missing chunk out of his face and a buddy slide the doc some money and proceed to beat the shit out of Clay. I don’t feel sorry for him. Not one bit.

Jax goes to the brothel and picks  fight with Nero after his chat with Tara. They are banging around the kitchen and Gemma shows up insisting the Sons break up the fight. Gemma tells Jax that Nero lied to Patterson about the guns before he was released. Nero tells Jax about Gemma’s incident with Clay and the corrections officer. Gemma told Jax that Tara is lying and he needs to find someone who will tell him the truth.

Jax lures Lowen to Uncer’s airstream and she shits herself then offers the truth about Tara as she knows it. Yes, she is divorcing you. Yes, she is setting things in motion so Gemma cannot gain custody. Yes, I think she faked the pregnancy. Welp. There is that. Jax is livid and I’m sure heartbroken. But is he really surprised? He aided in ruining her life, her career, his children’s lives, it just goes on. Lowen calls Tara from the car, in one of the most frightening drives I’ve witnessed on TV. I kept waiting for a bullet to go flying through her window. It didn’t. I exhaled, Tara started sweating and armed herself as she waits for Jax.

Sons of Anarchy | Jax

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