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Sons of Anarchy – S7E2 – Till and Toil

Previously on Sons of Anarchy ‘Black Widower’

Juice and Wayne

Juice weighs his situation now that Wayne has spent the night tied up in the bathtub, and finally just unties him and lets him go, but Wayne sits and lends an ear instead. Awww. So then Wayne pays the new sheriff, Althea Jarry, played by Annabeth Gish, a visit on her first day, suddenly interested in that consulting gig. He gets an Investigator ID card and asks to see the latest files on Tara, trying to throw her off Juice’s trail, by saying he’s “like a child” but the rest are trouble. “These guys are not cretins. Jax Teller is formidable, as smart as he is dangerous.” Well, he ain’t that smart today, Wayne.




Next Wayne heads home to his trailer at the shop, stopping into the office first to tell Gemma that he’s tired of counting bodies and wants to help with Juice. She offers to bring him some tea, which, to her credit just looks like tea and not DEADLY POISON OF DEATH, but when she sees he’s already asleep and that he has Tara’s file and a new badge, the wheels start turning. I don’t think she believes Wayne is after them just yet, but Wayne has a way of turning the truth up accidentally and I’m sure she realizes that.




Off she goes to Juice’s place to shoo him out of town, handing him a new phone, cash, and the key to her dad’s house. Because he enjoys making me scream at the TV, Juice brilliantly goes cruising in broad daylight with the window down, driving slow, placing a silent phone call to Chibs, debating leaving, and winds up right back at Wendy’s, burdened with Juice Guilt, which always gets people killed. Can’t you just feel guilty in Aruba, Juice?!




Nero and Wendy

On his way to the docks, Nero drives Wendy to check out a preschool for Abel. They trade addiction recovery stories, and she admits she gets off on The Shit between Gemma and Jax because it makes her look normal. Uncle Nero says she needs to stay in The Truth like he does. She’s like, oh right, and sometimes killing dudes. He quips, “You gonna go step on my zen with like, gangster shit?” He has all the best lines in this episode. After he facilitates a meeting between Oso and Barosky, they’re heading home when Lin and his guys pull up alongside, wanting to know what’s up with his delivery being hit (see below) and demands to see Jax. Nero’s short days of being Switzerland are over.



The Shit

Tig and Rat trade perverse insults as they wait for Lin to move his merch, and I’ve decided that FXX needs the Tig & Rat Show because they crack me up. After they tip off the boys that the Chinese are moving out, Jax meets with August about the Chinese deal which sets August up to be “gun king.” August advises against revenge because of the delicate balance on the streets right now. Jax replies cryptically, “When I find out who killed my wife, I won’t do a thing til the time is right.” In Jax speak, the time is already right, because Happy drops off an oil drum and a Fortune Cookies box at the karaoke club. Naturally the kid’s head is in it.




The Redwoods (Jax’s crew) hook up with Jury’s Indian Hills crew and two extra “muscle” guys. Bobby outlines their plan: unravel Lin’s business without letting on that it’s them until it’s too late and then Jax will kill Lin and everyone he loves. Jury is a little bewildered given his last message about going legit, but Jax is adamant it will work. Except for the fact that, you know, Jax can’t keep his mouth shut.




The boys follow Lin’s buyers down a dirt road and turn them into Swiss cheese with nary a scratch on their end. Jax and Chibs finish off the last dude after he admits that the Triads trade weapons for heroin and confiscate a briefcase full of it. Chibs was truly in his glory, firing like a boss from the back of the off-roading pickup truck, and that is why he’s probably the best gangster in the bunch. So the boys pack up all the guns, offering Jury half of the smack before they store the rest with Barosky at the docks, and the two muscle dudes give Jax their address because they have no sense of self preservation. I mean, for payment.




Then the guys clean up and meet Lin, acting new about the hit. Oh, all your guns and smack disappeared?! I’ll be darned! Lin gives them til noon or he “will turn Mayberry into a goddamn killing field.” Is it just me, or is this guy about as intimidating of a Chinese gangster as William Hung?

Sure enough, Jax and the guys stop by the muscle dudes’ house, killing them and making it look like they took the drugs and a gun. He calls Lin to say they found the guys that hit the shipment and it’s been taken care of so he can stop by there any time and verify, but Jury happens to go by there first and lets himself in. Ruh roh.

At the end of his long day of The Shit, Jax finally goes home and snuggles with his sleeping boys, a single tear slipping down his face. Meanwhile as Jury cries over one of the dead guys, he spots the same gun he’d pulled from the haul. Given Sutter’s obsession with life/death parallel scenes, I’m betting that was Jury’s son, and he knows what Jax is pulling, just like everybody else does, in all of 12 hours. The king of subtlety, Jax is not.




Next time: Guns don’t kill people, Sons with guns kill people. And Juice will not frigging leave town.

Score | 6.5/10Questions and Shakespearean Conjecture:

Are Jax’s kids the soundest sleepers in the history of little boys or what?

Is this seriously what’s going to finally bite Jax in the ass? Because ehhhh.

In Hamlet parallelism, do you think Wayne or Jury is Polonius? Could August be Fortinbras?

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2 Comments on Sons of Anarchy – S7E2 – Till and Toil

  1. I can’t believe there was a firefight with automatic weapons out in the open and NONE of the SOA crew were even nicked. WTF. is this lazy writing or does Sutter actually think that the audience is gullible enough to believe that Jax and the boys are so badass that they dodge bullets. Totally took me out of the episode which wasn’t so great to begin with.

    • I agree with you. Given the number of opposite gang members with guns, it seemed completely unbelievable that at least one person on the SOA side wouldn’t get hit, probably more. This entire plot seems lazy, honestly, from the start all the way through the details. I couldn’t get over them using the wrapped-handle gun at the end, knowing Jury placed it on the bag. That’s possibly the sloppiest thing they’ve ever done.

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