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Sons of Anarchy – S7E3 – Playing With Monsters

Previously on Sons of Anarchy, ‘Till and Toil’ 


Wayne agrees to do Juice a favor in exchange for a hint on Tara’s killer, then heads straight for the sheriff’s office peddling the Chinese angle but won’t give up his source. On his end of the bargain, he calls Chibs pretending to be his parole officer to set up a meeting in a cop-laden diner. Juice wants to know if the hit on him is official “mayhem” or if he can earn his way back. Chibs harshly advises that he might as well kill himself, earning himself Juice’s infamous Puss in Boots eyes and an “I love you” before Juice leaves. Wayne and Chibs agree that Juice is just “lost” and that’s why he has to go away. Hopefully to Aruba like I keep telling him, but he won’t because SUTTER.

Juice eyes Sons of Anarchy 7x03.bmp

As Gemma talks herself into the idea that Tara’s storyline was all fated, Wayne reports back about Juice. Gemma is familiar with the wages of Juice Guilt, so she orders Wayne and Wendy to physically haul his bald ass out of town. They drop Juice off at a motel, kiss him goodbye, and put Wayne’s name on the room because how else will Jax find him next episode?

Nero goes gangster Sons of Anarchy 7x03.bmp


Red Woody Studios and Nero’s escort biz

Even though it relates to nothing, I have to mention the filming of Red Woody’s first feature—Skankenstein, complete with organ music—because it’s totally hilarious. Anyway, Nero packs up his office and Gemma passes her lovebirds to one of the escorts because her crows will shred them. Symbolism, y’all. Nero reassures Gemma that it’s all going to turn out ok. How that man makes being a grandma sound sexy, I don’t even know. When the same escort and her dad get in a tussle over her money, Gemma steps in and exchanges slaps, which makes Nero go straight up gangster… right in front of Child of the Corn Abel. At the end, Gemma shows up at the dad’s house with a cake and her sultry voice, inviting herself in for a drink to apologize, but then holds the door open for Jax, who beats him senseless.


Monster book Sons of Anarchy 7x03


Chibs and Ally

The dad calls the cops about pressing charges, so Gemma calls the boys in, reading Abel a book about not being scared of monsters while she waits. She’d be better off dousing Mini Creepsalot with holy water. Jarry summons Chibs and Jax into the room with Nero. She offers to have a chat with the dad, using the moment to ask for help finding Juice in return and feel out the Chinese situation. When they feign innocence, she emphasizes a safe, profitable relationship with meaningful looks at Chibs, saying they should “connect” later as she walks out, aka “a good old fashioned Glaswegian humpin” according to Chibs. “A new sheriff is in town!” Jax quips. And I feel a little stupid for not remembering he’s the one Scot in an Irish gang.

Ally and Chibs Sons of Anarchy 7x03.bmp


Chibs reports back that Juice is still around and Jax sends him with 2k to convince Jarry to kill Juice’s impending APB and ignore the Chinese. He swaggers up to the off-duty “Ally,” explaining that “Chibs” is Scottish slang for street blade as they trade scar stories, although he’s a little less than impressed with her single bullet wound from an ex. She seems surprised by the money, but he forges ahead, saying it’s a negotiable rate if she backs off. She’s throwing out the trifecta of signals—touching, smiling, posing—but for all his joking earlier, he’s restrained. They agree to give each other a head’s up on Shit coming down the pike. I can’t tell if this is a trap, but I can’t say I blame her.

August Sons of Anarchy 7x03


A Black Day

Lin’s second in command confirms that they found the dead muscle, but there was only one body, and appears to have bought the story that they were just “peckerwood” trash. August then pays the Sons a surprise visit to get that same story. He’s less gullible, mentioning that he’s no Pope and doesn’t mind killing a few white dudes if they’re lying, namely everyone. Jax’s face turns dark as he gets out of the car, saying they’ll need to cancel their White meeting because it’s a Black day. To further sell the story, Bobby calls Jury for intel about “blowback” from the muscle situation, not without realizing nobody’s buying. Jury plays it cool, only saying that he “knew the one guy a little bit, Gib O’Leary,” while he stares hard at that gun.

Tyler and Jax Sons of Anarchy 7x03


The Shit

Continuing with Operation Unseat August, the boys check in with Tyler and the One Niners. Tyler is uneasy to lose the pipeline since he’s getting internal heat from a dude named Chester. Jax agrees to take care of it and throws in a key of the Chinese heroin. After getting Barosky’s permission, they convince Chester that he’ll be their ally, offering intel on the guns the Mayans took, saying they’re in a dock warehouse, and we all know Jax is the king of the Warehouse Slaughter Trap. Kind of a shame because Chester isn’t as big of a weenie as Tyler, but he’s dead now. Once Oso registers the situation, Nero has to clean it up, literally.

Warehouse Trap Sons of Anarchy 7x03.bmp


Like the toddler he is, Tyler whines about taking care of the remaining nervous people in his club, so Jax suggests having any rogues meet at the Creme Club. August gives his blessing on the hit because he’s tired of everyone’s drama. So the boys roll up in Chester’s ride and blow everyone away, including Nero who smiles just a wee bit. To cap off their Anti-August day, Tig and Happy chauffeur a few Grim Bastards around town on a Lin-business bashing tour in the name of August Marks. Are there only those 4 guys in the entire club? That is one sad gang.


Score | 8/10Style tip: Apparently buttoning your top button means you’re in Mayhem Mode. 1 unbuttoned, regular Thug Mode. 2 unbuttoned, Nero Suave Mode. Just a little hint from someone who knows nothing about gang life. You’re welcome.

Next time: Jarry comes to terms with irony, Jax picks up Juice’s scent, and Nero cries.

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2 Comments on Sons of Anarchy – S7E3 – Playing With Monsters

  1. Able was SO creepy this episode. What happened to him being sweet and innocent?
    Also, those puppy dog eyes of Juice… I cant even. I need him to get out of town. Why does he insist on staying. It makes no damn sense.. just because SUTTER wants to drag this on and force me to watch him die.

    I am uneasy with each episode. Nervous, and twitchy. Jax is just so angry and ugly. What happened to him being a good guy in a shitty situation. Now he is just shitty.

    • Seriously, his dead-eyed stares are creeping me out! Any normal person would be wondering what’s wrong with him every time he walks by. I’m scared for his preschool.

      The worst part about Jax is that he’s a terrible, terrible liar. If you’re going to go to the dark side, at least learn to lie. Nobody is buying his bs.

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