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Sons of Anarchy – S7E4 – Poor Little Lambs

Previously on Sons of Anarchy, ‘Playing With Monsters’

Celebrity Cameo Twofer
  1. In the opener, Jax meets with Tully in prison about moving “dog food” (smack) with an “Asian recipe” through a “dog walker.” After they agree to move it through some of Tully’s guys, he admits the whole “speaking in code” was totally unnecessary, but, hey, he missed his dogs. Mmmkay.
  1. Gemma drops Creepy Abel off to his preschool teacher, Courtney Love, and she’s terrible, but I’m sure you guessed that. On the way home Gemma mumbles to herself/Tara that all this “Gym-bob-jamboree shit” is so unnecessary but she’s sucking it up for Tara’s sake because maybe Thomas will grow up to be a doctor like her. Dat Abel tho, “He knows his tribe.” Tribe of Pod People? Sure.

Diosa Norte’s new “bookkeeper” Kiki is dumb as rocks, so Nero brings Jax’s “blond mommy fetish” Colette back in to get things running smoothly. Gemma tells her to be careful with Jax and not make him think too much. I’m not sure Colette’s ever been accused of that before. When she helps distract Gemma’s body guard, Gemma tells her, “I like you. I think you’d be good for him.” Great, Gemma, now she’s gonna die. Keep your black paws of Fate to yourself for once, why don’t you.

Colette Sons of Anarchy 7x04.bmp


Juice ‘n’ ’em

Juice is also talking to himself, crying about how unfair this all is. Wendy&Wayne bring breakfast and find all his guns and ammo lined up neatly. Wayne notes, “This ain’t gonna end so good.” Truer words, Wayne.

Juice OCD Sons of Anarchy 7x04.bmp

Later Jarry warns Wayne that she couldn’t stop the APB from going out to the entire Northwest, so Gemma says THIS time she’s going to drive Juice to her dad’s cabin herself. He breaks down, saying he’s not great alone, his head gets so loud and nothing synchs up. “I start thinking about my thinking, and I just get lost in the details of nothing.” Well, yes, that is pretty disturbing. He folds over into Wendy’s lap sobbing as Gemma upgrades to Welp He’s Gotta Go status. Juice could’ve grown his hair out and be having a pint with a moose in Canada by now, but no. DAMN YOU, SUTTER.

Juice crying Sons of Anarchy 7x04.bmp

Juice then starts packing, screwing a silencer on his gun before stashing it. And so does Gemma. Interesting that they’re heading to a remote cabin but feel the need to silence their guns. It doesn’t look like Juice’s death wish is as big as we’re being led to think.


Jarry finds out the father from last episode, Kenneth Haas, got beat up, so she brings two cops, Cane and Eglee over to Diosa to re-question Nero. When that turns up empty she tells the two deputies to keep it off the radio while they tail the rest of the guys. After she leaves, Nero stomps into the kitchen where Gemma’s making poison tea, wondering what happened. He warns her that Jax is UNCHAINED right now. Poor Sweater Daddy gets all teared up. She responds that Jax wants him to know that Juice is still is still around, asking why he cares. Stalemate.

Nero and Gemma argue Sons of Anarchy 7x04.bmp



Tyler comes by saying August’s freaking out. Turns out his business partner was Haddem, one of the Foursome pastors they accidentally killed. The papers are due to be signed and the wife, who has power of attorney, is missing. The Sons promise to look for her, digging up the Foursome’s grave for cell phones. One has a video of Haddem with Venus, and Tig’s still in touch, so they set up a meet. Venus tells them she met that “freaky little holy man” at his lake house once, so if they could just give her 5 minutes and then send up “Alexander” (Tig) for the address, she’d be happy to share since they’re all bonded together on a “deeper vibration.” Adorably they all agree. Tig gets all ruffled about them being “disrespectful” of their friendship, following after her because she “tends to dillydally.” Jax laughs, “Ok NOW I’m worried.” Tig’s banged dead people, dude. Worry about something real.

Venus Sons of Anarchy 7x04


The Shit

The guys ride out to the lake house and break in, when suddenly Tig is shot through the bedroom door. The occupant speeds his car through the garage door, getting run off the road by RatBoy into the pond. “Grant” screams that his mother is in the back seat so Jax and Chibs jump in to help save their meal ticket her. Grant’s Haddem’s stepson and doesn’t want any part of Haddem or this mess, plus his mama’s a junkie with fresh tracks.

 Saving Mama Sons of Anarchy 7x04


Grant says Damon Pope had a property deal with Haddem, and now August wants in, using their church property to launder money. They convince her it’s the only way they all stay alive. “All you can do is ride out his sin,” Jax advises. As for Tig, Chibs manages to clean most of the buckshot out.

The boys then head for their meet with Tully’s contact Leland, not knowing Cane and Eglee are tailing them. The supremacists however spot them immediately, and promptly blow Cane’s brains all over the car, which stuns Eglee so much she runs out of said car and gets four in the back. I’ve never seen Jax stammer so much. They all split because DAMN. At the scene, Jarry seethes as a flustered Wayne lets himself under the tape. “Charming,” she spits, “our name says it all. This is a bad place, isn’t it, Wayne?” Let’s all pour one out for Cane, the last of the studly Charming cops.

RIP Cane Sons of Anarchy 7x04.bmp

Back at the club, Venus takes care of Tig while the boys go downstairs to talk to Jarry. “Where did you come from?” Tig wonders in his haze. Venus calls him “my sweet Alex” saying her “sole purpose is to bring light to the shadows and a little bit of joy to all those lost souls who can no longer find it.” Tig points to her heart and tears up. And they kiss. If something happens to Venus, Tig is going to burn. the. world. down.

Tig and Venus Sons of Anarchy 7x04.bmp


Jarry desperately tries to make sense of the shooting, bouncing ideas wildly off the guys. Once again Jax promises to “keep his ears open.” People just need to start understanding that means, “We were there, we saw everything, and we may have done it.” What about Haas, she wonders. Jax takes immediate credit for it because the first rule of lying is to tell a small truth. Then a black van pulls up and one of Lin’s guys toss two grenades at the window. They all dive for cover, Chibs covering Jarry. How many times has Scoops been hit?!

In the rescue services aftermath, Jarry gets real with Chibs. Was it the Chinese? Did they kill Tara? What if kids were in there? Can you live with that? He won’t admit to anything but insists on driving her home, holding her hand on the way. To his credit he looks genuinely upset, in his own inscrutable Chibs way.

Chibs and Jarry Sons of Anarchy 7x04.bmp

As four Chinese guys settle into the bar at Diosa unbeknownst to the guys, Happy points out the hit was retaliation, and Bobby calculates that they’ve been sold out. They call West, who was watching the gun stash, but he’s dead. Nero screeches up in his car just in time to get a phone call from Lin’s #2, saying what happens at Diosa is a message for the Sons. Colette overhears and notices their strategic placement and black bags but it’s too late: By the time the guys arrive, everyone at Diosa is dead. Nero cries and Jax seethes, because that is what they do.

Diosa massacre Sons of Anarchy 7x04.bmp


Score | 8/10Next time:

Jax and Lin go head to head and Nero is done with all the LIES. You’d best move to a different zip code then, because lies are all we got here.


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  1. Those damn silencers.. Juice does not want to die, but he wont freaking LEAVE. He is all worried about the Sons, but he needs to watch out for Gemma. Why she got that damn gun. She is the devil.

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