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Sons of Anarchy – S7E5 – Some Strange Eruption

Previously on Sons of Anarchy, ‘Poor Little Lambs’

Jax sits dazed amongst the bodies at Diosa. Leaving Nero answerless, he sends everyone to Red Woody before calling the cops. Gemma almost heads out with Juice when she gets the call and has to split. “Smoke and sleep, baby,” she advises. Smoking but not sleeping are post-shower Chibs and his fug dollar tattoo and Jarry and her weed. After getting the same call, he tells her he has to go… and she better get dressed too, because yeah.

Chibs and Jarry Sons of Anarchy 7x05



Jarry puts Wayne on notice that the Feds are sure to get involved because this is the worst massacre in Charming history. Next she’s on to Jax, saying she knows all about the Outlaw Code, and that’s all fine and good on a normal day, but, “The only way this isn’t going to crush us is if you bend with me.”

Nero drops by Scoops to tell Barosky that Colette’s gone, only to find the Chinese waiting. Lin blasts Nero for letting him trust Jax, outlining the growing evidence of Jax’s LIES. It’s all news to Nero, who is highly allergic to Lying Liars, but Lin expects him to deliver Jax or else–someone is watching Nero’s son. Bastards.

Red Woody

Lyla wails: “Why do people keep dying?!” Because you’re in a gang, honey. Abel wants to know if someone died and if Jax is taking care of all these people. Jax affirms that it’s his job to keep them safe. To Jax, that sounded really fatherly. To Abel, that sounded like, “Time to go CRAZAY.”

 Jax and Abel Sons of Anarchy 7x05



The other charters are helping with funeral money for the Diosa girls. August has called twice, but Jax is like, August WHO, let’s find that leak. As the guys head out, Gemma lies about her father taking a turn for the worse, promising to take Unser, and Jarry’s waiting outside for Chibs. She’s like, this is a mass murder, homie, not a B&E I can ignore. She gives it to him straight: she accepts money from “the bad guys” because it makes them feel safe and builds trust. He’s all, oh, is that what last night was? Ironic coming from him, right? But he doesn’t want her hurt either and offers to find a win for her to get the heat off her back. Calling him Filip, she accepts, kissing him goodbye like he might die, unsmiling. You can almost see the wheels click in his head with surprise that suddenly they’re both involved… At least that’s what my ChibArry fanfic is going to say.

Chibarry Fanfic Sons of Anarchy 7x05

Gemma’s telling Wayne she needs escort up to Oregon when Brooke yells, “It’s Abel!” Just like I told y’all was gonna happen, Abel has barricaded himself and Thomas in the back room with a hammer, yelling that he’s going to protect Thomas. Like morons, they all keep trying to talk to him like he’s got a loaded gun, so he starts swinging that thing around, pounding on the wall that they need to go home NOW NOW NOW til finally someone snatches the hammer. Seriously, he is just a preschooler—sit him down with some Daniel Tiger and happy thoughts, or it’ll be just a matter of time before he sends Thomas to his mother in heaven for safekeeping or something similarly twisted.

Abel hammer Sons of Anarchy 7x05

Scoops. Nero coldcocks Jax over the LYING LIES that killed their girls. Jax finally gives up their story, apologizing, but Nero, who is past tired, needs to pick a side. When pressed about the leak, Barosky suggests it could’ve been his night watchman, so they go see him at his music shop. Under Tig’s threat of Violation by Flute, he admits that someone paid him 2k to avoid the warehouse. Barosky, in case you forgot, has no time for this amateur hour BS at all and shoots the dude between the eyes.

Barosky Sons of Anarchy 7x05


Red Woody

While Wayne is waiting for Gemma, Wendy tells him about being pulled over by Lin. Yet again Gemma and Wayne are stopped at the door, this time by Nero, who can’t understand why she let him be out in the middle of The Shit without saying anything; all she’s got to say is sorry.

Nero and Gemma Sons of Anarchy 7x05

Playing conflicted, Nero goes to Lin and outlines one of Jax’s trademarked Warehouse Traps at the docks. Lin confirms that Jax just called him not 10 minutes ago to give their heroin back. You better take allllll your guys then, Nero advises. So Lin and allllll his guys head to the docks and toss Jax and Chibs on the ground, spraying the warehouse with bullets. Alas, inside is just a lone man purse of heroin. Jax strikes up his Oscar campaign: The whole thing is August! I’m so done with this war! We’ll sit down with Alvarez to help take down August! The Niners are on my side! If we’re lying you can kill us both! Chibs is all SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, and off they go in the Black Mercedes Brigade.

It wasnt me Sons of Anarchy 7x05

They don’t get far before Barosky’s port cops pull them over and drag everyone out. When Jax directs them to zip tie all but Lin to the fence, Lin realizes what’s up and the two presidents take off their coats for a little monologuing, time-wasting mano a mano. Lin gets in a few good punches but Jax has the righteous rage, demanding Lin say Tara’s name and doesn’t get at all that Lin has no idea what’s going on. Thanks to a tip from Wayne, Jarry warns Chibs that the SWAT are on the way, so the guys wrestle Jax away like a rabid animal, leaving the Chinese to get arrested with the heroin. “We’ll get ‘em on the inside!” they swear. Because 20 guys in jail are going to be a really easy kill.

Let me at em Sons of Anarchy 7x05


As the day ends, Nero’s son is safe, playing checkers with the porn chicks, while Nero watches affectionately, an arm around Wendy and Thomas. Meanwhile the Sons rashly shoot a few non-arrested Triads out in the wide open, the opposite of what Chibs swore they’d do.


Thanks to being left to stew, Juice steps out “incognito” to get a candy bar and sees the headline about Diosa. Totally thrown, he spots an Asian guy who follows him to his room, setting off Juice Panic. The man returns and lets himself in, looking around confused. He starts to leave, but Juice hits him in the face, and then shoots him as he runs. “Don’t look at me,” he says all crazy, emptying his clip.

Dont look at me Sons of Anarchy 7x05

Wayne and Gemma come in to find blood all over the room and Juice raving that the Chinese are after him and WE DID THIS! Wayne’s like, did you see the MASTER KEYS, genius? And what is this about “we?!” Gemma finally tells Wayne her false story. Promising to clean the room up, he asks, “You ready to do this?” “It’s gotta be done,” she replies. We all know what that means. After they leave, Jarry calls Wayne, happy that they at least have the Chinese for possession. “No problem,” he says, “I’m here to help,” covering up the poor motel manager, dead in the tub.

Here to help Sons of Anarchy 7x05


As Juice snoozes in the dark car, Gemma slides her gun up into her purse. He wakes up to see they’re going the wrong way. She claims Nero’s helping get him into Mexico. Juice looks at her open purse, knowing, and admits to Darvony’s death because that’s what you do to someone that’s a threat, explaining that his overdose blabbermouth is why the club wants him dead. That’s why he knows she’s lying, since Nero would never help him. They both grab for their guns, causing a car crash, both of them scrambling out. “You were gonna kill me?!?! I saved you. I trusted you!” he says, unraveling even more. “But I couldn’t trust you.” She pleads, “Please, sweetheart.” Do it, Juice! But he won’t, because SUTTER!

Juice Gemma showdown Sons of Anarchy 7x05


Score | 9/10Next time: Jax busts Wayne, the guys beat up Tully’s racists, and Juice goes to the Mayans.

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