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Sons of Anarchy – S7E6 – Smoke ’em If You Got ’em

Previously on Sons of Anarchy, ‘Some Strange Eruption’


The Three Musketeers, aka Gemma, Wayne, & Wendy

Apparently Juice took off in the SUV because the next day Gemma’s stumbling down the highway and ends up at a diner talking to Tara/herself in broad view of everyone else. Pulling a full-on Hamlet Gertrude, she blubbers that when Jax met Tara, that was the first time she realized he wouldn’t be hers forever. The waitress, Lea Michele (Gertie), offers sympathy, a smoke, and her story of teenage pregnancy resulting in a son named John after her father. HER FATHER. JOHN. Just in case you missed that, because Gemma did.



Wayne and Wendy head out to pick her up, covering with Jax by using the man-repellant magic words: Feminine Products. Wayne doesn’t buy Gemma’s version at all, but she thinks it doesn’t matter since Juice couldn’t pull the trigger… this time. Foreshadowing? He tells her she better give Jarry her statement or he will, to which she snatches up Wendy and leaves him with the bill.


Wayne Gemma diner Sons of Anarchy 7x06.bmp


Surprisingly, Jax thinks her talking to the cops is a good idea, so she does, kicking Wayne and his trailer off her Properteh as payback. Not entirely sure how Gemma’s testimony is helpful if she didn’t “see” Lin himself at Tara’s, which was never her story anyway, but Jarry’s excited, saying Eglee’s awake and asking for Wayne. She wants to tell him what happened and who was there, which, again, not sure what the big deal is since the Sons didn’t shoot the cops, but clearly it’s a problem.

Wendy and Bobby share a heart to heart. He’s happy for her being back in the fold and can see she still loves Jax, kissing her on the head, saying, “Aww, girl, it’s not lost, he sees it.” Chances of Wendy and Jax just went up 100%.



Nero and Juice are stuck in the closet… and they can’t come out…

Diosa. The boys toast to making things right when Nero wanders in. He seems really hopeless and lost, tearing up because Jimmy Smits is the Master of Feels, and Jax encourages him not to ride alone because after all, he might call him “stepdaddy” soon. “Yeah,” Nero says, “and we all know how well that worked out in the past.” When they’re gone, the Mayans stop in because Nero needs more Shit.. Alvarez hadn’t heard the Chinese/Tara story but it still feels like betrayal, so he’s obligated to grip Nero up and toss him in the closet at the docks til he verifies the story.


Juice robs store Sons of Anarchy 7x06


Juice knocks over a crappy convenience store for some cash, and he doesn’t just knock it over: he freaking kills the guy with a single punch. You forget Juice is not a gentle guy when he’s not being Puss in Boots. He turns up at the Mayans’ headquarters offering 2K, Gemma’s car, and intel on the Sons for safe passage to Mexico, at least having the good sense to look ashamed.


Juice ashamed Sons of Anarchy 7x06.bmp


Oso strolls in with his “answer” in the form of the Sons, who look pretty damn disgusted. They make him sit there listening to them negotiate over him: Oso wants Jax to give him Marks’ Irish gun business (this is getting so complicated now), and Jax wants part of the prison heroin trade and help taking Marks down for good. In agreement, Jax has the Mayans take off Juice’s cut, violently, and they toss him in the closet. With Nero. From the frying pan to the fire.

Nero wants some explanation from Juice, which he already knows: the Darvany episode is still haunting him so he tried to buy a ride to the border, because he’s a coward, but not to worry, because this is Death Row. Except there’s this little thing about Gemma…. Does she know how Nero’s been doing all this work to help Jax avenge Tara? Nero’s not sure but why? Ohhhh, nothing. Story verified, Nero is freed from the Closet of Black Shirt Studly Dudes, but notices Gemma’s vehicle that Juice traded in.


Closet of Black Shirt Dudes Sons of Anarchy 7x06.bmp


Wendy’s about to leave Gemma for the night at the garage when Nero screeches up, relating his long day in Death Row closet and finally explaining how he’s stood with Jax throughout this whole thing. Why, he wonders, did Juice have her SUV? She breaks down crying, hugging him hard. Over her shoulder he looks desperate… then hard like he’s gotta save his woman. Don’t do it, Nero! Save yourself and your sweaters! (Sweaters: “Leave me out of this! I’m too young to die!”) For the record, this was a Dad Sweater-less episode. Sad.


Nero gotta go kill folk Sons of Anarchy 7x06.bmp


The Shit

Tyler says August plans to take out the Bastards with East Dub, so Jax wants to hit them hard. TO wants this to work, because if they lose one more, it’ll just be black dudes on bikes. Jax wonders how his guys might handle getting patched into the MC. TO’s like, “Last time I checked we were the wrong shade of white.” But overall, he’s kind of elated and Jax is giggly. Which means they’re gonna die. This whole thing is so ironic of course, considering Juice’s first began unraveling when the feds blackmailed him over being half-black for intel.


Jax and TO Sons of Anarchy 7x06.bmp


Quinn escorts Chibs to a meet with Jarry, which makes her standoffy but she assures him the cops won’t be after the Sons. He’s not entirely sure the word that they helped the cops arrest Lin is super helpful. When they reach a standoff on info sharing, he asks after Eglee instead, winking, and thanks her for last night—the tip off, not the sex… that she should be thanking him for, flashing those Glaswegian dimples. Adorbs. Last thing, the Oakland City Council is offering Lin a deal to flip, most likely on the Sons, most likely thanks to August pulling their strings. Ruh roh.


Chibs dimples Sons of Anarchy 7x06


Jax invites the Middle-Aged Dudes On Bikes on their ride to Nazi headquarters, which cracks TO up. “That’s cool, we’ll just keep our white hoods on.” Hee. They drop them off halfway down the street before rolling into the meeting. Instead of the heroin, which Tully apparently levied against all kinds of Stockton favors, Jax offers guns, but these guys are just drug dealers and dubious about the deal. On the way out, Chibs can’t resist cracking about working with racists, so one jumps him and everyone pulls their guns. Jax grins in Leland’s face, punching him hard, before they all jump in the fight. Yeehaw! Bobby doesn’t like war, but he loves punching racists and misogynists. When the scuffed up Sons return to a flabbergasted TO, Jax chuckles, “Just working Shit out with Hitler Youth.”


Sons fight the Aryans Sons of Anarchy 7x06.bmp


Stockton. Tully isn’t impressed with Jax using the heroin to flush out Lin, but Jax knows the only true color Tully cares about is green, so they come to an understanding: Jax provides some heroin and guns, and Tully provides access to Lin in Stockton. Tully reminds Jax that Leland is way more racist than him, the brand keeper, so Jax has to win his trust somehow.


The Grim Bastards shoot into the East Dub house, luring to the docks to be surrounded by the Sons. DuLain, the guy that took out the GB’s in the first episode, surrenders. “Nice Impala,” TO says, shooting him in the face. Jax offers one hyperventilating guy a smoke, then signals for the Sons, Mayans, and Bastards to mow them all down together. So much for August’s dirty work guys.


East Dub hit Sons of Anarchy 7x06.bmp


Score | 8/10Back to Leland—far too much of him this episode. He won’t touch their heroin at first, but he’s quite impressed by the dead dudes in the back of the truck and snorts the H, which he finds ok so the deal is back on. “Another win for race relations,” Jax announces sardonically.


So, the top 3 of the Sons and top 2 of the Mayans toast each other as Tig and Quinn dump the gruesome bodies at August’s construction site. Jax thanks Alvarez as his brother and collects Juice. Chibs takes him by the scruff like an errant dog and walks him out silently. First episode with no Musical Suttertage this season. …SUTTER!


Juice in trouble Sons of Anarchy 7x06.bmp



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