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Sons of Anarchy – S7E9 – What a Piece of Work is Man

Last time in “The Separation of Crows”

Jax confronts Jury, but, in a shocking twist, he denies being the rat despite the club’s murder of his secret son Gib O’Leary. Not only that, but as John Teller’s last confidante, he believes John actually committed suicide to save the club, and that Clay didn’t sabotage his bike at all, a belief that Jax has been murdering, stealing, and thugging under for 6 years. Jax thanks him for invalidating his life’s work by shooting Jury in the face, right in front of Indian Hills’ VP played by Tony Curran, aka Datak Tarr from Defiance. And as Defiance fans know, that can only mean one thing: mayhem will ensue. Jax lies to everyone including Chibs that Jury copped to being the rat, but doesn’t seem worried about who is. WHY?!

In other news, Abel asks Gemma pointedly if she knows what an accident is, Gemma finds a stuffed animal knifed into the wall and her totally-not-symbolic crows murdered in the literal bed she made, Wayne feels he’s missing a detail, Jarry agrees to put Juice in Ad Seg with Lin for naming Chris Dun as Tara’s murderer, and Bobby lost a thumb because Moses don’t negosheeate with terrrrrists.


Separation of Crows 7x08 Sons of Anarchy



Jax wakes up with staring Abel and Gemma chain-smoked all night watching Nero sleep—yet more proof that men can sleep through anything. Child of the Corn won’t eat breakfast because his toast isn’t slathered with innocent souls, and Jax decides he wants everyone at the cabin. Naturally Little Dead Eyes smarts off, wondering if someone else died. Keep your UnderRoos on, it’s only 8 AM.

The Minor Players

Wayne catches Gemma on the way out of the house with Thomas and Rat Boy and tells her Juice named Chris Dun, whom she’ll need to identify. Rat Boy agrees, after biting Brooke’s head off for walking by. Gemma in turn gives him a lesson in keeping a good old lady: don’t be a dick. Be a doormat like Daddy Sweater. Just kidding, she didn’t say that. (Fun fact: @NerosCardigan is a real Twitter account.)


Nero Window Acting Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


So Gemma identifies Dun’s photo at the PD, then turns combative, calling Jarry out for being on the take and banging Chibs. CHICK FIGHT! Jarry slaps Gemma, and Gemma surprise wallops her onto the ground. Nero and Gemma trade award-deserving window acting—he motions OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU and she shrugs and rolls her eyes. The women swap threats: that happens again, Jarry will throw her ass in jail, and, vice versa, Gemma will shoot her in the throat. Painful! Once out, Nero tells Gemma he’s selling Diosa to Alvarez tomorrow. She’s acts like he’s moving to Mars instead of upstate.

Jarry visits Wayne with paperwork showing that Dun was in the Las Vegas drunk and disorderly tank the night Tara was murdered. He advises her to keep this a secret but to pull Juice’s deal ASAP.


Juice Shiv Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


Juice is transported to Stockton and passed a shiv kit by a dirty cop during processing, which he has to store in his naked body. So… that happened. Once in his cell, he puts it together, although my prison shiv assembly knowledge is lacking on what he poured into the handle—Sand? Poison? Fans’ crushed hopes and dreams for Juice’s survival? But he never gets a chance to use it because he’s tossed into solitary thanks to Jarry’s discovery. He stares pretty hard at that knife. DON’T DO IT, JUICE.


Juice Solitary Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


Looking bedraggled, Wendy inadvisably ends up in charge of Loutreesha’s laced cigarettes and almost cracks when Abel accidentally uses his interruption powers for good. Rat admits to Brooke that he’s scared of being in love with her while being dedicated to SAMCRO. Aww, two crazy kids in lurve. He’s gonna die.

FrankenPastor & The Shit

Jax updates Grant with new demands—he needs the phone to show August the videos—and passes the new plan to Tyler. While they discuss their next move in Full Redneck Cabin (tm Tyler), Grant gives Montez the slip and speeds off, running Happy off the road. Well, that was incredibly poor decision making. Tig shoots the window out, so Grant gets out for the shouting match, believing he can “put an end to it” with August. I’ll pause while you chuckle at his naiveté. Needless to say, he earns a few hard punches.


Grant is stupid Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


On neutral ground, August tells Jax he’s “deeply disappointed” in the turn this has taken due to Frivolous Wife Mourning Emotions. Jax of course says he didn’t have a choice, showing August the video but declining to turn over Grant and Loutreesha. August cannot believe Jax is still trying to negotiate; he wants the body, the phone, and Grant present to “understand the severity” by 4 pm. When August illustrates severity, it’s on the scale of napalming a forest to “illustrate” why you shouldn’t iron-scorch a table cloth. So, you know: not good.


Why Tig Likes Happy Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


Since Jax said they found the pastor all cut up, not all shot up, they have to dig up the bodies yet again. These pastors are so going to haunt the hell out of them. Tig and Happy go after the torso of the second dude, Jax and Chibs take the pastor’s head and tattooed arm under Quinn’s unhelpful barfy watch, and Chibs drinks the Catholic superstition and guilt away.


Indian Hills Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


While Twin Psychos Tig and Happy sew FrankenPastor together, Indian Hills arrives at Red Woody. Despite Jax’s “explanation” about “what really happened,” Tony Curran is not trying to hear his lies; he’s called a forum of the other charters as impartial judges and will get back to Jax on the result. As usual Jax completely downplays the seriousness which means that’ll be back to bite him in the ass, but he’s focused on getting Bobby back. Moses tells Bobby that his guys are coming for him, but first, here’s a broken jaw for your trouble, which means they want him silent at the meeting. Hmm. To his credit, Bobby trash talks the whole time.


Neutral Ground Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


Dramatically Shot Neutral Ground. The Sons face off with August’s crew to exchange, patting the main parties down, then withdrawing for just Jax, August, Grant, Bobby, and the body. Jax unzips the doctored body, showing him the video for August to verify the arm tattoo As August pushes Bobby into Jax’s arms, Bobby manages to mumble that there’s a gun in his own pocket, which August pulls and addresses Grant: “If you.. or your mother… ever get the idea to betray me… this… is what happens.” He shoots Bobby in the head. SUTTERRRRRR!


Jax Weeps Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


Jax weeps over the body and Chibs brokenly suggests they could give this one to Jarry rather than the DA to keep her close. “Not too close, brother,” Jax reminds. Why can’t Chibs have nice things?

Up at Full Redneck cabin, Jax breaks the news, asking Rat Boy to dig a grave out back since Bobby always loved the cabin. He moves on to Grant and Loutreesha, telling them that he’s giving the DA her statement and all she’ll need to do is back it up after she heads home, swearing to keep protecting her. “I can sense that you are a decent man,” she says with a big smile like women do when they’re done with your shit. So… she’s totally dead by, what, midway through next episode? Cold open?


Loutreesha smile Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


ChibArry Ship Garage. Paired with Quinn again, Chibs gives Jarry the map to the body, perhaps unsanctioned. She’s not entirely following their plans but he promises this will settle the city back down. She asks about Dun, but he clearly has no idea Gemma talked and feels bad about her slut-shaming Jarry. He offers her an out but she answers with a challenge: if you have feelings, let’s do it right here on the car. Challenge accepted. What a day for Quinn, right?


Chibs Jarry show Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


Score | 7/10Nighttime. While Jax oversees the boys digging Bobby’s grave, the police dig up the construction site body. Gemma asks for a moment alone with Bobby’s body, begging him for absolution, and guess who sees? Yeah. Abel. There’s not enough therapy in the world for this kid now.

To cap off the day, Jax and Chibs oversee August’s arrest, but so does Moses. As they drive away, Jax stares him down. It’s about to go down, y’all.

Abel Gemma Bobby body Sons of Anarchy 7x09.bmp


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