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Move Over, SAMCRO. There’s a New MC in Town.

Ever since FX announced they would be wrapping the successful Sons of Anarchy series, fans have been begging for more – even with the death of Jax Teller, America’s favorite biker bad boy.

FX and show creator Kurt Sutter have both fueled these flames with talks of a prequel, featuring the Redwood Originals story of John Teller and Clay Morrow. Today, it was announced that a spin-off is indeed underway, but not with the story the SOA team have been teasing.

Sons of Anarchy SAMCRO 1967

Sutter is now working on a show featuring the Mayans Motorcycle Club. The Mayans are a Hispanic MC based in Oakland, CA. They were known for their association with SAMCRO through their heroin and prostitution rings. There is no additional information at this time regarding how, or if, the Sons will be involved with the new series.

The Mayans MC

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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