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Spider-Man 2099 #6 (Spider-Verse)

Previously in Scarlet Spiders #1

Spider-Man 2099 #6 Cover

So, here’s what you need to know: The three Spiders featured prominently in this issue are Lady Spider from Earth-803, Six-Armed Spider-Man from Earth-91200, and Spider-Man 2099, who’s Miguel O’Hara – a geneticist in the year 2099. He tried to replicate Spider-Man’s powers in a lab and became Spider-Man in his time. One of his foes zapped him to the past and he has since hooked up with the band of Spiders at war with The Inheritors.

They’ve jumped to Earth-928 in the year 2099, hoping to learn more about The Inheritors’ bodies by studying Daemos’ corpse. Unfortunately, he’s hot on their asses.

Mr. Stone – the villain who sent Spider-Man to the past – is dismayed to see Spider-Man is back (he’s only been gone for a few hours in this timeline) and that he brought two Spider friends. He orders his henchman to stop Spider-Man once and for all.

Meanwhile, the Spiders drop into Spider-Man’s lab where they meet his brother, Gabriel. He’s appropriately freaked out by the presence of a Spider-Man with six arms, but also appropriately smitten with Spider Lady. Miguel explains that they need a safe place to gather reinforcements: The Punisher, Hulk, Doctor Strange. Any superhero who would come help fight Daemos, who could pop in at any moment.

Spider Team Arrives

So, of course he chooses this moment to appear.

Six-Armed Spider-Man is killed almost instantly and Daemos does a weird face lick move on Spider Lady. It’s then that Gabriel blasts his ass out the window with some kind of ray gun. Daemos is now busy fighting Stone’s men, and basically plowing through them. Spider-Man knows that Stone is watching via the monitoring devices on his men, so he takes advantage of that by sending Stone a message: He’ll give him one pass for fucking with him if Stone will have something ready at a specific lab.

Stone sends his henchman to get it done and Spider-Man leads Daemos to the lab and right into a trap: a stasis cell.

Daemos Trapped

Score | 8.5/10Thoughts:
  • This multi-verse is vast, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m still so sick to my stomach whenever a Totem gets killed. It’s not cool watching Spider-Man die, no matter which one it is or where he’s from.
  • Daemos looks fantastic here – the art really captures what an imposing and crazy character he is.
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