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Review: Spider-Man 2099 #7 (Spider-Verse)

Previously in The Amazing Spider-Man #12

Spider-Man 2099 #7 Cover

This issue made me clap my hands and bounce up and down in excitement… because I’m a dweeb. But also because it’s fantastic.

Daemos is trapped in a stasis field in the year 2099, while that world’s (and time’s) Spider-Man and steampunk-armed Spider-Lady from Earth-803 dissect his clone. They were granted use of the lab by Spider-Man’s enemy, Tyler Stone. Stone is secretly monitoring the whole process, learning everything the Spiders learn, so we know that can’t end well.

Daemos Trapped

Daemos tries to make a deal. He’ll leave this dimension and never return. Neither will any of his family. They’ll continue to hunt and kill Spider totems, but not these two… if they let him go. Of course, Spider-Man ain’t about that life and tells Daemos he’ll be trapped in that field forever. In fact, the more he tries to escape, the worse it will get. It will kill him before he’s able to get out.

The moment he said that, I knew it would come back to bite them in the ass.

While Spider-Man rushes to another lab after having a burst of inspiration, Daemos tries to push the limits of the field. He’s doing this on purpose, of course, because when he dies he will rise again in a clone’s body. And it will know everything he knows.

And that’s exactly what happens except Spider-Man has called in a favor from a friend.


While Punisher keeps Daemos busy, Spider-Man and Lady Spider prepare to jump back to the Safe Zone where everything will be okay.

Well, maybe not.

No More Safe Zone

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