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Hold On to Your Chimichangas! Spider-Man and Deadpool Form Comic’s Newest Odd Couple

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you… Marvel’s renown webcrawler and beloved wisecracker will have their own series later this year!

What’s even more fantastic is that Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness – creators responsible for making The Merc With The Mouth the man he is today – are reuniting for this ONGOING series featuring two of Marvel’s most popular characters! Readers can definitely expect the one-liners to fly as fast as ‘Pool’s speeding bullets, but how will these two interact in regards to taking down criminals? For the most part, the only thing Spider-Man and Deadpool share is witty banter. Can they get along or will the heroes eventually come to blows themselves? Kelly divulges a bit about the burgeoning friendship between Peter and Wade with Marvel.

“Spidey learns to stab more,” Kelly jokes. “It’s really touching, like a father teaching his kid to play catch, but with daggers.

“This is obviously a huge source of tension between them, but Deadpool has been trading on some of the Ultra-Violence for more noble badassery lately, so they may find common ground… though there will be lots of stabbing and punching to go around.”

What little Kelly is willing to reveal about the purpose for Spider-Man and Deadpool’s team-up is intriguing in itself. “I will say that there is an assassination involved, a case of misplaced trust and their names are on the book so they sort of have to show up.”


Be sure to add Spider-Man/Deadpool to your pull list this fall, because it’s certain to be one hell of a wacky adventure!

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