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Review: Spider-Verse #3 (Secret Wars)

Previously in Spider-Verse #2 (Secret Wars)

Spider-Verse #3 (Secret Wars)

So, I was wrong. I thought when Gwen found the tablet with photos of her and the other Spiders, THEY were the Sinister Six. Nope. The Sinister Six are the villains sent by Osborn to retrieve the six Spiders.

Since they’ve not fought together before, the group puts up a good fight, but ultimately they aren’t a match for the villains. They’re brought before Osborn at Ozcorp, where he claims he doesn’t mean them any harm. He sent the Six to make sure Carnage and Tombstone wouldn’t be a problem. Then he drops the bombshell that he knew where they were because Spider-Ham called him.

Spider-Ham the Traitor

Ham trusts Norman and urges the group to listen to him. Osborn discovered their morphogenetic fields are all in sync; they’re all blinded to one another. He thinks he can help them figure out where they came from. He had to observe them first to make sure they weren’t villains in costumes.

He shows them some super-sciency stuff: a web of the universe, they’re apart of it, but it’s fractured. Before he can tell them what he needs them to do, Spider-Gwen calls bullshit on the whole thing. She doesn’t trust him. She ain’t about that life. She throws up deuces and bounces.

She swings through the streets, saving people from minor crimes here and there, and eventually ends up in the graveyard at her tombstone. Where she’s approached by Peter Parker.

Gwen Meets Peter Parker

Score | 9/10Overall Thoughts:
  • Loving the twist that, so far, Norman Osborn is someone the Spiders can trust. Even more interesting that Spider-Ham has been with him of his own free will. Though, we have seen from his story that he’s not above staying in a questionable situation if it provides him security.
  • Not a fan of the artwork. Spider-Gwen’s costume is laughably baggy, to the point where it looks like theres’ a giant lump of … something.. in her crotch area. Her facial expressions are also so exaggerated and distracting.
  • Every instance of Spider-Ham eating pork is hilarious.
  • Still wondering how/if their connection will somehow play a role in the unraveling of what Doom has built.
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