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Spider-Verse #5 (Secret Wars)

Previously in Spider-Verse #4 (Secret Wars)

I’ve come to the conclusion of another Secret Wars tie-in, and unfortunately this one was even more disappointing than 2099. 

Spider-Verse #5 Cover

There was just way too much going on: Osborn was lured out of the Ozcorp HQ to meet Peter Parker, who he thought he’d killed, a Thor arrives at the HQ to stop the other Spiders from using the chair, and Gwen returns to the HQ to help her friends.

Once Osborn realizes he’s been tricked, he orders his men back to Ozcorp. They find that an entire floor has been blown apart by the Spiders in their efforts to stop the Thor. Norman believes his plan to gather all of the Spiders worked. Their presence will boost the power of the chair and he uses it to tap into the of the web.

Peter uses the lightning power of the unconscious Thor to fry Norman’s brain while he’s connected to the chair. With their leader incapacitated, the Sinister Six give up quickly. The Spiders vow to work together to protect their domain from the anarchy sure to follow with the collapse of Ozcorp and its financial system.

The Six Give Up

Even though the finale was underwhelming, the things that drew me to the series to begin with were present: Spider-Ham’s humor, the banter among the Spiders, and how their unique personalities each held value in the overall story.

I wasn’t always a fan of the art, but there were some truly laugh-out-loud panels like Gwen busting into the building asking whose ready to get their butt kicked, only to find the room is completely empty.

Gwen Busts In

Even though there were some series highlights, I don’t feel like it holds up as a complete story the way the Inhumans Attilan Rising tie-in does.

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