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Review: Spider-Verse Team-Up #3

Scarlet Spiders #3 CoverBefore we dive into the last Spider-Verse Team-Up, I’m going to give a brief recap of the Scarlet Spiders #3 issue, which came two before this one. Because the events in that issue were already covered in the most recent The Amazing Spider-Man #13, it didn’t make sense to devote a whole post to it.

As hinted at in the last ASM, Ben Reilly sacrificed himself in order to blow up the Inheritors cloning facility. This ensures any Inheritors killed will not be able to return in another body. This also seems to be the end of the horrible experiments Jennix was performing on Spider-Totems.

Enraged by Reilly’s death, Kaine – who has been slowly transforming into a creature – heads to LoomWorld alone. We know that isn’t good since the Inheritors need the three special Spider-Totems: The Bride (Silk), The Scion (baby Benjy), and The Other (Kaine), in order to use their blood in a ritual that will make them unstoppable.


Reilly Died

Next in the lineup is Spider-Woman #3, which I already reviewed when the issue first dropped. You can read that review here.

Spider-Verse Team-Up #3 Cover

This final team-up features just two stories. In Too Many Spider-Men:


The Superior Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man (ours), and Spider-Girl Anya Corazon have just read through the scroll Spider-Woman sent through a portal from LoomWorld. There’s a chance the exiled Inheritor, Karn, may be able – and willing – to help them fight his family. After a brief argument, they make the call it’s worth the risk to attempt bringing Karn aboard.


Karn is at Peter Parker’s house, looking for the world’s Spider-Totem. He has Peter and Uncle Ben cornered, but it’s not either of them. It’s Aunt May! And her uniform is adorable.

Spider May

She’s lived a full life and she’s willing to die if it means Peter and Uncle Ben will be spared. Before Karn can kill her, help arrives: Anya, Ashley Barton (Spider-Girl, Earth-807128), Spider-Punk (Hobie Brown, Earth-138), Billy Braddock (Spider-UK of the Captain Britain Corps, Earth-833), and Pavitar Prabhakar (Spider-Man India, Earth-50101).

After much fighting, they’re able to convince Karn to join them. This all takes place as the confused Aunt May, Peter, and Uncle Ben look on. I loved that.

That Was Weird

In Bugged: 


Score | 8.5/10Earth-3145

Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl) is ready to head to LoomWorld to rescue her baby brother, Benjy. She’s headstrong and angry, fueled by the guilt she feels over not being able to save her parents. She clashes with that world’s Ben Reilly, a retired Spider-Man. His refusal to wear the mask any longer led to his world’s destruction.

She doesn’t think he’s as good a man as her Uncle Ben, who she says would have been ashamed him – as would her father, Peter Parker. Only when the two work together to neutralize a threat does Mayday lay off her harsh treatment of him. She’s still determined to go to LoomWorld and rescue her brother – and kill Daemos.


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