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Spider-Woman (2015) #10

Previously in Spider-Woman #9

Spider-Woman #10 | Writer: Dennis Hopeless | Layouts: Javier Rodriguez | Finishes: Veronica Fish | Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg | Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham | Cover Artist: Javier Rodriguez

Spider-Woman #10

This was a light, fun issue… until the very end.

Jessica and her team have been tasked with investigating Ulysses’ Inhuman premonitions. As established in the Civil War II series, Carol Danvers hopes to use his powers to stop crimes before they occur. This, understandably, doesn’t sit well with some in the superhero community since it stinks of policing thought, and Ulysses is newly Inhuman with not enough of his power being understood or vetted. The fact that they’ve been able to stop a few crimes before they happen, Tony Stark points out, should suggest that his visions aren’t 100% definite. This is what Carol wants Jessica to prove or disprove.

Despite not wanting to get involved, Jessica travels the country – and even to the moon – confirming the visions. One event kicks off just after Jessica and Ben Ulrich were about to write it off as a miss. Looks like Jessica has some apologizing to do as she prepares to call her best friend and vouch for Ulysses’ credibility, even though she’s still not convinced Carol is doing the right thing.

Spider-Woman - Busted

Unfortunately, as she’s checking in, and before Carol can get a word out, Jessica learns that Hawkeye has killed Bruce Banner. If you’re reading Civil War II, you know how his trial turns out. Here, though, all Jessica knows is that a friend has killed another friend, and she’s furious.

Jess learns about Bruce

So much good stuff to unpack in this issue. It feels like Hopeless, Rodriguez, and Fish really had fun creating this story, especially Jessica’s encounters with the criminals in each case. Every one of them was a full story told on one beautifully drawn page.

It’s hard to tell where Jessica’s anger is focused: Carol or Hawkeye? Possibly both. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of her wrath.

Spider-Woman #10
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