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Spider-Woman (2015) #4

Previously in Spider-Woman #3

It’s a boy! And he’s beautiful.

Spider-Woman #4

Jessica gives birth as only Jessica Drew can: in a hospital in a black hole, with a Skrull prince child holding her hand, and tended to by alien doctors.

She’s so busy working through how much ass she’s going to kick once her c-section is done that she doesn’t realize he’s out until she hears his first cry.

These are some of the best panels I’ve had the pleasure of viewing:

Jessica sees baby

Rodriguez perfectly captured what it’s like when you first see your baby, especially the first one. It’s a look of, “The fuck?” And then you cry.

After sharing a few precious first kisses and snuggles, most mothers don’t immediately put foot to ass to a dozen or more Skrulls, but most mothers aren’t Jessica Drew.

Later, she bonds with her baby while assuring Carol she has nothing to feel guilty about. And then, like most new mothers, Jessica ponders providing her new baby with a normal life.

But, again, Jessica Drew is not most new mothers. And that’s how we know this journey is going to be anything but normal. It’s going to be amazing.

Spider-Woman #4
  • 10/10
    Plot - 10/10
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    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Art - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Back Matter - 10/10


If you haven’t yet picked up this series, I’m not sure I need you in my life. What are you waiting for?

I appreciate this series even more knowing how much Hopeless and Rodriguez (both new parents) wanted to get it right. They did. What an accomplishment to tell such a poignant story. And special props to the team for showing Jessica Drew nursing her baby.

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