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Spider-Woman (2015) #9

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Spider-Woman #9 | Writer: Dennis Hopeless | Penciler & Colorist: Javier Rodriguez | Inker: Alvaro Lopez | Cover Artist: Javier Rodriguez | Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham

Spider-Woman #9

So far, I’ve been impressed by how the Civil War II tie-ins flow so seamlessly through a book’s ongoing story. We need to see the smaller, real-world consequences and how our heroes play a part when they’re on their own turf.

This issue sets up Jessica’s future involvement in Carol’s plans to use the newly-Inhuman Ulysses to prevent crimes, but first Carol needs Jessica to say yes. This is hard to do when Jessica and her team are trying to track a wendigo at a Canadian ski resort.

Ski resort

Side note: I’m convinced any fiction that includes superpowers will eventually cover wendigos because of course you cover wendigos! Also, all shows about the supernatural will eventually have an episode titled, “Tabula Rasa.” It is known.

But her current case aside, Jessica is also ducking Carol’s calls because she’s had enough of near-apocalypses. This makes sense considering Jessica quit The Avengers to take on smaller cases and help those forgotten when the world’s heroes are off stopping global catastrophes. Then, of course, there’s Gerry to consider. So, as much as we may love it when Jessica and her bestie work together, you’re totally on Jessica’s side when she’s ignoring call after call.

Still, you don’t say no to Captain Marvel. While poor Roger takes on a pack of wendigos, and Jessica fights another outside, Carol arrives to lend a hand… and a strong arm. Jessica and Carol have it out and kick ass as only Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel can. There’s lots of yelling about respecting boundaries, and a bit of shade about personalities and powder blue ski suits (which was hot, by the way) before the threat is handled and Carol is able to fully plead her case in Jessica’s room.

Carol pleads her case

Ulysses’ visions of future catastrophes have all been correct (and stopped), but Carol wants Jessica to vet his smaller predictions. This really is the perfect job for Jessica and her team, and they agree.

To avoid piling on the same compliments about this series (the writing is still a pleasure to read and the art is still amazing), I’ll point out some specific things I loved about this issue:

Jessica’s crew has been an unexpected delight. Who woulda thought Roger would end up not only working with Jessica and Ben, but become her most trusted babysitter as well? There are so many small beats that go a long way in effortlessly showing us how familiar they are. For instance, after Jessica is done breastfeeding Gerry (those panels will never get old), she passes him to Roger for burping – almost as an afterthought – so she can continue talking with Carol.

Speaking of breastfeeding, I must once again thank Rodriguez for getting so many small details right, like Gerry twirling his mother’s hair while he nurses. As always, you want to keep an eye on the background in those single panels showing movement through one scene. (I really need to tweet Mr. Rodriguez and find out if that technique has a name.) There were many good bits in this issue.

As I still have my own questions about Ulysses, his power, and how it works, I’m really looking forward to learning what Jessica’s involvement uncovers in issue #10.

You guys, I laughed so damn hard.

You guys, I laughed so damn hard.

Spider-Woman #9
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  1. I love this series. I described it to my son and just couldn’t get it all out from laughing.

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