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Review: Spider-Woman #4

Previously in Spider-Woman #3

Spider-Woman #4 Cover

As this is the first Spider-Woman issue after the finale of Spider-Verse event, I wasn’t expecting much. I thought it would be info heavy in setting up Jessica’s next journey.

I was glad to be wrong.

LoomWorld Drew

Jessica has returned to LoomWorld to suggest that world’s Jessica Drew fill the power vacuum left after The Inheritors were defeated. LW’s Jessica has been living out at sea and using her Spider pheromones to get the pirates to do whatever she wishes.

Ultimately, Jessica talks her into taking charge – not that it took much: LW’s Jessica had been a slave to The Inheritors.

Drew as Leader

Three days later, back on Earth-616, Jessica asks Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) to accompany her to see Steve Rogers. She has something important to tell him and she needs Carol for moral support.

I really enjoy the relationship between these two. Their interactions feel like those between real girlfriends. Plus, Carol is funny as hell.

Ms Marvel and Spider-Woman

Now that Steve Rogers is an old man, Jessica finds it even harder to disappoint him. She hems and haws, and before she can get out what she came to tell him, they’re attacked by an alien creature first believed to be either a moon or an asteroid.

Jessica, Carl, and Steve go to work on it. When it’s all over, Jessica announces she is quitting The Avengers. Steve takes the news well, telling Jessica there will always be a place for her. Later, Carol teases Jessica about her decision the way only a best friend can.

What will Jessica do now?

She’s not sure, but it will involve helping normal people in normal ways. She wants her own apartment, a new costume, a new life.

Score | 10/10Good luck with that, Jess.

Overall Thoughts: 
  • This entire issue was simply gorgeous. The colors really popped and you can tell the artist took care to differentiate LoomWorld from Earth-616. With a turn of the page, you’re in a new world and it shows.
  • I hope we see more of Carol and Jessica. Their dynamic is fun to watch.
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  1. Everything about this issue surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much because this seemed like a placeholder issue between Spider-Verse and Jess’s new status quo. I could not have been more wrong. 2 distinct, equally good stories in one 20 page issue is an amazing accomplishment. Plus, Beast hanging around Avengers Tower always makes me happy.

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