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Review: Spider-Woman #6

Previously in Spider-Woman #5

Spider-Woman #6

I feel like this was written just for me. Of course, it wasn’t, but let a girl dream.

I love me some Jessica Drew. Period. She’s smart, straight-forward, and doesn’t take any shit. Just for me, I tell ya!

Jessica’s been keeping The Porcupine handcuffed to the radiator in her office, which is just down the hall from She-Hulk’s law office. She reminds Porcupine of this every time he makes too much noise. If the lawyer knows what Jess is up to, she’ll force her to let Porcupine go. He’s too stupid to realize that would actually be a good thing for him. He’s scared whoever took his daughter will figure out something is wrong and harm her.

Speaking of the kidnappers, Jess thinks the case stinks. Whoever is behind it has targeted very C-level criminals. Also, kidnappings of this nature are usually a short-term thing. Just long enough for the victim to do what is required. To keep so many captive is risky and expensive. There has to be an endgame Jess isn’t seeing.

Spider-Woman Eats Cereal

Since Porcupine isn’t cooperating, Jess leaves him to think about his life choices while she questions other villainous victims. First, she confronts Señor Suerte (Mr. Luck) just after he’s relieved a fried chicken joint of their cash register contents and chicken. I’m not even going to side-eye this comic for having a brotha sitting there eating fried chicken. As expected, he pretends to not know what she’s talking about and she has to lay his ass out when he tries to jump bad.

Senor Suerte

She leaves The Bronx and heads to Queens to question a villain who’s stealing two alpacas for the kidnappers. He’s not very cooperative either, but he’s saved from the ass whipping when Jess gets an anonymous text telling her no one is going to talk and she should go to an address. Alone.

She goes, but is saved by a beige sedan that barrels into her. It’s Ben and he tells her she’s walking into an obvious trap. He broke into her office and found Porcupine, but hey. She broke into his first. And he was right: The building she was about to enter blows up.

Back at her office, they devise a plan in which Porcupine will go undercover, claiming he escaped the fight with Spider-Woman and hid for a few hours to make sure all was clear. Jess isn’t crazy about the idea, but she goes along with it.

As Porcupine makes the rescheduled drop, he’s grabbed by other villains, including Señor Suerte, who are going to deliver him to the kidnappers. Sucks for them that it’s actually Jessica Drew in that Porcupine costume.

Porcupine in Disguise

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts & Questions:
  • Several hidden figures were watching a surveillance camera in Jess’s office and heard every detail of  the plan. Who the hell are they? They’re Shondaland fans, so they can’t be all bad as far as I’m concerned.
  • I’m not really trusting Ben. He was watching when she left to question other villains and broke into her office shortly after. I suppose he could have been looking for what info she’d gathered after stealing his files, but why wouldn’t he just ask her?
  • I’m digging Jess’ new look. She feels more like a real person, though I didn’t totally hate the old costume – just the ridiculous pose on that variant cover.
  • This is a refreshing direction. Jess may have quit The Avengers, but she’s still trying to help people. The stakes may not be as high, but not every fight needs to be about serving the world. Having her first case/arc be something that’s a bit more grounded and realistic is nice.
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