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Review: Spider-Woman #7

Previously in Spider-Woman #6

Spider-Woman #7 Cover

Still inside The Porcupine costume, Jessica pretends to be unconscious in a train car as a woman in a beret texts another woman (also in a beret) a photo of her prone body. The woman on the other end of the text instructs train girl to “Do it.” Train girl gets off at the next stop, and Jessica thinks she’s in the clear. But the woman launches a smoke grenade into the train before the doors close. Jessica is about to be unconscious for real.

She awakens, still in the costume, handcuffed to the ceiling of an interrogation room. Another woman, believing Jessica is really Roger, questions her via an intercom in the next room. This woman, also in a beret (same woman from the train, perhaps?), scolds Roger for screwing up and threatens his daughter. Frustrated when she doesn’t get an answer, she leaves Jessica hanging from the ceiling and gets her car – presumably to get backup to make “Roger” talk.

What she doesn’t know, though, is that Jessica is in the trunk of the car, having escaped while the woman was yelling. From the trunk of the car, Jessica calls Roger and Ben Urich, and instructs them to trace her phone for her whereabouts. She also tells them where they can find The Porcupine suit.

Jessica in the trunk


The panel depicting how she did it is among my favorite ever in a comic book.

How She Did It

Jessica gets out of the trunk when the car stops in Moon’s Hollow, NY. She thinks she’s going to find the family members being held hostage, but instead finds an idyllic little town filled with happy families. She quickly goes shopping for a change of clothes since her Spider-Woman costume stands out.

And now is good a place as any to talk about how amazing this new costume is. Yes, I was among the people who had an issue with the variant cover for the first issue, but I came to love the books despite that. The change of costume a few issues ago felt right since the character is starting over. Hopeless even inserted a jab at the hoopla in the story when Jessica admits to shame Googling ‘Spider-Woman’s butt.’ Here, she covers up with a tunic dress, rolls up her pants, rolls down her boots, and her jacket turns into a bag. Let me say that again: Her fucking jacket turns into a damn bag.

Tell me again how women superheroes need to have their tits out and fight crime in high-heeled boots. (Note: I fully support women having their tits out any place they damn well please, but it’s nice to see variety in looks in comic books.)

Jessica Drew Change of Clothes

Jessica follows the car to a house and is surprised to find Porcupine’s girlfriend and daughter living in suburban bliss, and not looking at all like they’re being held against their will. His girlfriend, Olivia, mistakes Jessica for Erin, the wife of another super-villain. Jessica goes along to gather more information.

Meanwhile, Ben and Roger have stopped for the suit and are filling up their gas tank when Roger realizes there’s something very weird about Moon’s Hollow. Ben, the journalist, doesn’t notice anything. (Pssst: Nothing but women and little girls.)

Jessica is getting a tour of the neighborhood and realizes all the women there are spouses of the villains being blackmailed. They offer to take her to see Cat, the woman who came up with this plan – whatever the plan is. What Jessica finds is Roger and Ben, tied up, and Cat inside a giant suit made of farming vehicles. Shit.

Jessica Meets Cat

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts:
  • Listen, this series is amazing. Hopeless’ storytelling feels like watching a movie – the psych-outs and playing with time are so fun to read. And the art. Jesus. It’s so vibrant, so alive. Total eye candy.
  • So, these women are pretending to be kidnapped in order to get their men to steal for them? Fucked up, but kinda funny.
  • I really want another issue with Captain Marvel.
  • I guess this is to be expected when artists changed, but I kinda miss Jessica’s old face.
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