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Review: Spider-Woman #2

Previously in Issue #1

Spider-Woman #2 Cover

Turns out the top secret, super dangerous mission Peter Parker sent Jessica Drew on was to infiltrate Loom World, the home world of The Inheritors. Loom World is kinda cool in a creepy, fucked-up way. The Inheritors pieced it together with fragments of the worlds they’ve already conquered. This makes for interesting juxtapositions like a cowboy riding a horse down the docks while hovercrafts zip by overhead.

Loom World

Jessica is tasked with acquiring as much info as she can while remaining undercover – this proves impossible since there’s another Jessica on Loom World who looks exactly like Spider-Woman. Jessica is “rescued” from her lookalike’s adoring public by a henchman with tentacles, and then taken to a pirate ship.

Once aboard the ship she learns that this world’s Jessica (Jess) had an agreement with a pirate: as a member of The Great Hall, Jess gets first dibs on his pirate booty. Meanwhile, Jess is busy being shitty to a kid who just wanted to present her with something he made.

Jessica uses her pheromone powers to beguile the pirate and learns even more about “herself:” Jess works in The Inheritors’ house! When Jess arrives at the ship, Jessica asks the pirate to trust her and keep his mouth shut before jumping into the sea.

Jessica Drew on Pirate Ship

Silk is still on the run from the Inheritors psycho twins and is cornered in an alley. While the pair bicker, Silk jumps to another dimension. Unfortunately, it’s Loom World.

When the twins return to The Great Hall they narrowly miss catching Jess acting like she owns the place. She quickly bows at their feet and promises to let them know if she finds Silk roaming The Great Hall. They’re not gone five seconds before Silk comes speeding by, stopping in her tracks when she spots Jess, thinking it’s Jessica. Jess screams bloody murder, but Jessica arrives to molly whop her upside the head before anyone can be alerted.

Silk Flees

Jessica's Twin

Silk on the Run

Silk explains that her teleporter broke when The Inheritors had her cornered, so she had no choice but to hitch a ride through theirs and ended up in Loom World. She also admits to ditching Gwen and Anya, who were supposed to be guarding her. Jessica gives up her own teleporter and orders Silk to find some place to be other than Loom World. Silk jumps to Earth 3145 and things look pretty shitty.

It’s post nuclear war Earth and the atmosphere is harmful to The Inheritors, which works out great for Silk because they’ve followed her through the teleporter. But when Brix starts to die, his sister pulls him back into Loom World. And because he didn’t slow his roll, Jess now knows she’s in the one place in the universe they can’t follow.

Earth 3145

Brix Hurt

Silk Smirking

Back on Loom, Jessica once again goes to her well of pheromones and seduces the pirate into taking a chest out to sea for at least two days. The chest has Jess in it, but pirate boy doesn’t know that.

Posing as Jess, Jessica heads back to The Great Hall where she encounters Morlun, the eldest brother of The Inheritors. Though it pains her, she bows down at his feet. Then she’s surprised when he sweeps her into his arms for a passionate kiss.


Jessica Bows Down

Jessica Kissed

Score | 10/10Thoughts & Questions: 
  • Silk has to get word back to the other totems that she’s found a place where The Inheritors can’t follow. But will it be a truly safe place to hide if they can’t breathe the air? Though, Silk seemed to adapt long enough to flash that adorable smirk.
  • The twist with Morlun isn’t original, but is very effective here. It feels like Jessica has to keep several balls in the air so any kind of obstacle increases the tension. I just wonder how Morlun, as an Inheritor, won’t be able to tell that Jessica has spider powers. Does Jess? If she does, why haven’t they fed on her?
  • The back of this issue included a handy Spider-Verse checklist so you can follow the intertwining storylines from other series. You can check it out here. 
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