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Review: Spider-Woman #3

Previously in issue #2

Spider-Woman 3 Cover

Silk is stuck on Earth-3145, a nuclear wasteland that just happens to be the one world where The Inheritors can’t go. She decides to take a chance and see if The Sims building exists on this world, but first she fashions herself a hazmat suit out of web so she can make the journey without dying of radiation.

Meanwhile, on Loomworld, Jessica Drew is still pretending to be that world’s Jess. And that means she has to fake being Morlun’s (the eldest of The Inheritors siblings) boo thang – and that means pretending to like shrimp and that she can ballroom dance. Before she has to prove her cha-cha skills, Jessica manages to convince Morlun the shrimp has done a number on her tummy, proving my theory that diarrhea is a surefire way to get out of doing anything.

Websmat Suit

Jess LOVES shrimpWith a bathroom run as her excuse, Jessica tries to get on with her spy mission. In this world, Mary Jane Watson is a Great Hall Guard and that earns her a punch in the face so that Jessica can make her way to the great web. She radios Spider-Man and warns that she may not be able to teleport out since she gave her teleporter to Silk and the one she got in exchange is busted, but they’ll worry about that after she retrieves the intel.

Jessica finally comes face-to-face with The Master Weaver, who’s the one who summoned her to Loomword. Turns out, the great web is a giant web of doorways to all of the dimensions. The Inheritors have enslaved The Master Weaver as he controls it. But he’s been making subtle moves to thwart their efforts to control the multiverse and drain all of the totems. One such move is luring Jessica to Loomworld so that he can give her a scroll of prophecies that will help the Spider army win the war. The prophecies – as prophecies tend to be – sound very vague and involve The Other, The Bride, The Scion, and Something Else.

MJ Watson

The Master Weaver

She still doesn’t have a way out, but Jessica manages to teleport the scroll to Spider-Man before making a run for the pirate ship, the only place she can think to hide when her cover is inevitably blown. Unfortunately, Loomworld’s Jess has used her own pheromone powers on the pirates and has convinced them to return her to land, and to kill Jessica.

Thankfully, Spider-Man has sent Silk and Spider Gwen to the rescue!

Pirate Rescue

Score | 10/10Thoughts & Questions:
  • As someone who has written a book series that revolves around prophecies, I shouldn’t talk, but why must they be so cryptic? Still, The Bride, The Scion, The Other, and Something Else? Color me intrigued.
  • This series has some of the best banter. Jessica’s inner conversations are funny, but it’s the back and forth between the Spiders that’s seriously hilarious. When Jessica remarks that she likes “the mouthy pink one” (Gwen), Silk responds, “Everyone does.”
  • How about that shade thrown to Loomworld’s MJ?
  • Every page of this book is gorgeous. The colors, the facial expressions, and the action sequences really stand out.
  • This story continues in Amazing Spider-Man #13, so I’ll have to pick that up. Speaking of which, here’s a checklist to use if you want to read (and follow along with) the entire Spider-Verse saga, and not just Spider-Woman.
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