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Spider-Women Alpha #1

Spider-Women Alpha #1

Writers: Dennis Hopeless, Jason Latour, Robbie Thompson | Artist: Vanesa Del Rey

Last winter, the Spider-Verse undertook a major crossover event that spanned six titles and four months. This time around the women of the Spider-Verse come together in an event that will span four titles and and two Earths. The two breakout stars of the Spider-Verse, Cindy Moon and Gwen Stacy are joined by new mother, Jessica Drew to battle a new threat on Gwen’s on home, Earth-65.


The last time the three women were together they were fighting the Inheritors, who were threatening to eradicate all Spiders from existence. Also the last time Cindy Moon and Gwen Stacy were together, Cindy was putting them all in danger with her reckless behavior, and Gwen isn’t about to let her forget it. When Gwen shows up on Earth-616, she’s more than a little chuffed that Jessica has invited Cindy out to their brunch date, but still takes the two back to her world for some food. Jessica wants some (Spider) girl time and she’s also using this as an excuse to counsel the two girls. Gwen is dealing with her friend Harry Osbourne becoming the Green Goblin and Cindy is undercover with Black Cat and struggling with her morality. Jessica brings the three of them together and then they end up fighting a giant robot … you know, just brunch with your girlfriends.


All three of the current writers, Dennis Hopeless (Spider-Woman), Jason Latour (Spider-Gwen) and Robbie Thompson (Silk) are working together for this event and Vanesa Del Rey (Constantine, Scarlet Witch) is the artist. Del Rey’s Matisse-like style provides an interesting look for the book, which distinguishes it from the original titles. It’s not slick or polished, but provides a stimulating backdrop for a story that is sure to have some ups and downs.


By the end of the issue, Jessica and Cindy are stuck on Earth-65 (this is particularly stressful for Jessica who has a baby at home) and the reveal of this event’s big bad left me gasping. At the outset, these writers have set up an arc that will have fans collecting each issue. Each of the Spider-Women retain their own unique voice and seeing them interact a year after their introduction emphasizes the growth they’ve made. And just like old friends, sometimes they slide back into their old patterns and maintain old grudges. No matter which of the Spider-Women you’ve been following it’s worth checking each of these off your list.

Spider-Women Alpha will run through May 2016 and conclude with Spider-Women Omega #1. See the checklist below for connected titles.


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