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Once, Twice, Three Times the Ladies in Spider-Women #1

After the exciting and well-received “Spider-Verse” event helmed by Dan Slott in 2014, Marvel fans have been clamouring to read more about these dynamic heroes that protect their delicate Web of Life and Destiny. Thankfully their reunion won’t end once 2015’s Secret Wars concludes; three of Marvel’s most popular Spiders – Jessica Drew, Cindy Moon, and Gwen Stacy – will once again face the perils of the multiverse in Spider-Women #1!


Written by Jason Latour (Spider-Gwen), Robbie Thompson (Silk) and Dennis Hopeless (Spider-Woman), the crossover event will jump universes and further enrich the storylines within the heroine’s respective solo titles.

“There’s going to be adventure, intrigue, fisticuffs, and some big twists, but I’m most excited about the personal story for each of these characters as they go through this dimension-hopping event,” explains Silk writer Robbie Thompson.

“[…] I will say that there are real stakes from this event,” adds Jason Latour. “As fun as we want it to be the characters will walk away bloodied and changed, for the better and maybe for the worse.”

The ladies convene for weekend brunch (because why not) and are thrust into Gwen Stacy’s reality – Earth 65 – by a mysterious villain from that dimension. With no immediate means of returning home, Jessica and Cindy acclimate to the bizarre iteration of their Earth while forming a stronger bond between one another.

As for Jessica Drew, she’s proven herself a capable crimefighter during her pregnancy. However, according to Dennis Hopeless, Jessica will immediately test her resolve as she attempts to balance her double life as parent and hero.

“Yes. By the time the crossover starts, Jess will have given birth. She’ll be back in action and physically ready to throw down but the responsibilities of parenthood definitely weigh on her. Not many life events change a person as much as becoming a parent. Jess’s reaction to motherhood is a big part of the story we’ll be telling and those themes definitely bleed into the crossover. Jess is fighting bad guys in an alternate dimension without her child. This is not the most comfortable scenario. She won’t like it.”

While Jessica and Cindy are trapped in Stacy’s universe and try to gain their footing in this strangely familiar yet unique world, they will face their doppelgangers who may or may not be as welcoming as their pal Gwen. Not to mention their other selves won’t make the best of impressions as they run rampant across the 616! No question there will be adventures abound once Spider-Women #1 is released in Spring 2016.

Courtesy: Marvel/Newsarama

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