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Supergirl – S1E10 – Childish Things

Previously on Supergirl, ‘Blood Bonds’

A Father’s Footsteps

Using a ninja-star yoyo, a very creepy man who seems obsessed with toys is able to escape Van Kull Maximum Security prison. He is, of course, the Toyman, AKA Winn’s father, who decides to escape in order to… track down his son, whom he realizes is his greatest creation, so they can enact revenge… or something.

Ninja YoYo

Honestly, I think this episode was kind of a stinker, and I’ll tell you why in a minute, but first I need to make a confession: I knew next to nothing about the Toyman before this episode aired, other than the fact that he exists and is one of Superman’s enemies.

You see, had I known more about him, I would have realized that Supergirl’s best friend shares a name with the villain, so I would have avoided doing the scrunchy “yeah right” face during this episode when they “decided to make” Toyman’s name Winslow Schlott. Little did I know it had been that the entire time.

I also didn’t realize until I did some post-episode research that the doll Toyman uses seems to be modeled after Toyman’s DC Animated Universe appearance. What do you think?

Toyman's Doll

Anyway, once I figured out that an episode like this has probably been a long time coming, I was able to enjoy it more, but only slightly.

Winn’s whole dilemma seemed to both undermine his character and also be way underplayed. I totally understand the whole “not wanting to turn into your father because he’s kind of a terrorist” thing, but to be used as bait by the FBI, then get kidnapped by your terrorist father, and then be forced to either kill a man on behalf of your terrorist father or watch as he blows up a convention full of innocent people, and then choose to actually attempt to kill the guy, is kind of a big deal and I don’t think he’d just show up for work a few hours later and kind of sulk around, even after Supergirl saved the day… you know?

Winn Kisses Kara

I will say it’s about time Winn made his feelings for Kara clear. I think both actors do a great job of having chemistry while simultaneously making it clear that Kara’s interest is strictly platonic, and I felt Winn’s heart break. I just hope they don’t make him into “Toyman Junior” because of it.

What’s in Maxwell’s Toy Chest?

One thing I do enjoy is how Hank is kind of fulfilling a father’s role for Alex and Kara. I liked seeing Supergirl flying around with the Martian Manhunter, and I enjoyed how he seems willing to accept advice from Kara and Alex from time to time, even if he sees himself as a monster that nobody on Earth would readily accept.

MM and Supergirl Fly

I also like how he completely trusts Alex as she schemes to infiltrate Lord Technologies by getting close to Maxwell Lord. When the two go on a date, they spar about whether or not Supergirl—an alien—is a threat, and Alex steers the conversation in a direction that might reveal what the other Kryptonians were looking for when they stormed his building a few episodes back. Unfortunately, Lord easily dodges the question.

It was clever, and really funny, when Hank’s part of the plan was revealed. Posing as Lord, he bumps into a technician who inquiries about his date, which Lord says didn’t work out because of his narcissism and ill-kempt facial hair. Peter Facinelli did a good job “channeling” David Harewood’s Hank Henshaw. His subtle facial mannerisms and even vocal variances were spot on and it was clear what was up even before his eyes glowed red.

Hank Infiltrates

The technician didn’t seem to notice and left Hank alone. After finding Lord’s secret, though, a security guard isn’t so understanding. When the guard confronts Hank and realizes he is not who he seems, Hank uses a Martian Man-Power and wipes the guard’s memory.

The mission seems to be a success, until it’s revealed that Lord was one step ahead of Alex the whole time and planted a camera on Alex during their date. Later that night, when Supergirl visits her sister, he knows all about it…

Supergirl and Kara Eat Pizza

Supergirl S1E10
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Probably the worst episode to date, mostly because I don’t quite think Winn’s whole situation was handled with enough care (admittedly, anything more would have been a lot to cram into an hour), and I’m starting to fear that the show will drag things out by convenient “tricks” like Hank’s shape-shifting into Supergirl to fool Cat, and memory-wiping the guard. I’m afraid the latter example is foreshadowing for when he will memory-wipe Maxwell Lord himself so that Lord forgets what he learned about Alex and Kara. Otherwise, I think the actors all did well with what they were given, including Winn, who was quite believable in his torment.

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