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Supergirl – S1E11 – Strange Visitor From Another Planet

Previously on Supergirl, ‘Childish Things’

Family Ties

While rescuing a family from a forest fire, Kara’s voiceover is reading a letter written by Cat to her son, Adam Foster (Blake Jenner). Coincidentally, Alex and Kara later “bump into a guy” who happens to be Cat’s son as they’re getting Cat’s latte on the way to work. As they wait for their coffee, the news turns to coverage of Senator Miranda Crane, who is set to hold an anti-alien rally.

Images: CBS

Images: CBS

At work, Cat starts the day with a meeting, where James volunteers to go to the Miranda Crane rally to use his award-winning photojournalist skills. And when the meeting ends, Cat goes into her office to find her son, who presumably followed Kara up, just because he could.

Cat’s entire demeanor changes when she sees her son, and she gets visibly nervous. I thought Calista Flockheart really did great here, because it was a side of Cat we haven’t quite seen yet, and it was noticeable. Adam says that he decided to come based on her letter–which is news to Cat, because she didn’t send any letter.

Uh oh, Kee-rah, you’re fired again.

Kara Smiles

But then you’re totally rehired, because as it turns out, you’re actually pretty awesome. Because later, when Cat goes to dinner with Adam, he’s initially turned off by her constant need to brag about herself and make things about her, so the next day, Kara gets Cat a second chance and volunteers to mediate until Cat is able to truly say that she is sorry for how she wasn’t part of Adam’s life.

Family Tries

At the rally, Jimmy ends up hitting his panic button to summon Supergirl, because shit just went off the book: some kind of demon looking creature (whose design I found sufficiently terrifying) side-swiped the Senator in the midst of her fear mongering and kidnapped her. When Supergirl shows up, she goes underground and rescues her in the middle of the parking garage. Hank appears to recognize the monster and has a moment of hesitation.

Hank Hesitates

For her safety, Hank decides to escort the Senator back to the DEO. She decides to take a little nap after Alex injects her with a sedative, and Hank opens up to the women about what exactly attacked the Senator… a white martian. He blames himself for it’s appearance in National City, because by assuming his true form when he infiltrated Lord Technologies, an activity that all Martians are somehow in-tune with. Hank says that he cannot lose this particular battle, because losing means dying, which means the DEO goes into the hands of Sam Lane. So Supergirl does Hank a solid and promises to apprehend the creature.

Unfortunately, Cat calls her in to work. But it actually ends up working in her favor, because she stops by to see Jimmy, who has a startling discovery: after the monster attack, the Senator’s eyes appear to be putting off some kind of infra-red heat. You know how Hank (a Green Martian) can shape shift? Looks like White Martians can, too.

Before she can tell Hank, he ends up finding it out for himself when he realizes that the Senator referred to herself being attacked by “a white martian,” which Hank hadn’t told her. A tense confrontation erupts–a great action scene after a few weeks off–and the Martian gets away. Hank beats himself up, and opens up to Alex about the truth: back home, the White Martians basically committed genocide against the Greens, and Hank feels guilty for surviving. Alex consoles him and tells him that there is no shame in surviving.

Martian on Mars

Family Dies

Later, Hank telepathically reaches out to the White Martian and the two agree to fight to the death in the desert. Another food fight scene breaks out between Hank, the White Martian, and Supergirl. When Hank gets the upper hand, Supergirl begs him not to give into the darkness and kill him, so they capture and imprison him at the DEO instead (presumably to wreak havoc in a future episode).

With the real Senator located and recovered, she’s now very much pro-alien after seeing what Supergirl did for her. Then, Adam and Kara agree to go on a date. But at the apartment, when she’s stressing over it with Alex, an unusual news report breaks: Supergirl is at the scene of an accident.

Definitely Not Me

And obviously, it’s not her. So who is it?

Supergirl S1E11
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This was a fairly good stand-alone episode for Hank with a return to the action scenes I’ve come to love on the show. I liked seeing more of Hank’s backstory, and I liked how the family themes tied into what was happening with Cat, who once again stole the show. I am, of course, intrigued as to who the imposter-Supergirl is, but am fairly certain it is the obvious choice: Maxwell Lord’s mysterious girl, although the one we saw looked nothing like Supergirl.

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