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Supergirl – S1E12 – Bizarro

Previously on Supergirl, ‘Strange Visitor From Another Planet’

A Bizarre Reflection

The mystery of what Maxwell Lord is up to behind that extra-locked door is solved: he is creating a clone of Supergirl. We might have figured as much, but we didn’t know just what he intended to do with the clone once she came to life. Simply put: Lord intends to replace the real Supergirl with an agent who will do his bidding.

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The clone is a genetic match for the real Supergirl. Alex finds this out when she walks into Lord’s office and asks him flat-out. He explains how he was able to take her DNA off of the severed arm of the Red Tornado. Unfortunately, he also threatens Alex that he’ll reveal her connection to Supergirl/Kara if she pushes the matter any further. He’s confident enough that his creation will win her fight against Supergirl, telling Alex, “may the best girl win.”

His creation—whom Cat dubs “Bizarro”—actually ends up losing against Supergirl (but we might have figured that much, too). The interesting thing is how Bizarro loses. Max didn’t anticipate his clone sharing more than just Kara’s physical attributes; the clone also has pieces of her soul.

Bizarro's Corruption

This “weakness” ultimately becomes Bizarro’s undoing. She hesitates and questions Max’s orders throughout her short life, long enough for the DEO to come in and hit her with bizarro-Kryptonite, at which point she begins to regress into Max’s host girl, who apologizes to Kara for what she was a part of.

Kara accepts her apology and tells the girl that the DEO is going to do everything it can to help her. The ordeal seems to be the last straw for Kara and Alex’s tolerance of Lord’s shenanigans, because after Bizarro is subdued, Alex marches into Lord’s office and arrests him. She reads him no rights and lists no charges; this is an extra-legal affair.

Lord seems unfazed and even a bit amused by his imprisonment, even when Supergirl threatens to heat-blast him to hell, so it will be interesting to see how he gets out of this without bringing the DEO down with him.

Lord Enjoys Captivity

A Bizarre Date

As Supergirl and Company deal with the threat of Bizarro, Kara is urged to continue living her normal life. So she goes on that date with Cat’s son, Adam Foster.

Things seem to go well at first. Adam compliments Kara on her ability to read people and see them for who they truly are, and the two open up to each other about having absent parents, in one form or another.

Unfortunately, as all alter-ego dates seem to go, a derailed train forces Kara to leave the date early to go save the day. Adam obviously doesn’t know the real story, so can’t help but feel that he’s getting dumped.

Supergirl S1E12 - date

When Kara tries to fix things with a second date, she only gets pulled away again when Bizarro shows up and snatches her away. Later, Kara notices that Bizarro knew who she was even dressed as Kara Danvers, and surmises that Max Lord must know her real identity.

Cat is super-nice to Kara throughout the episode, until Kara decides a relationship is too stressful and tells Adam she can’t go any further. Cat not only takes it as a rejection of her son, she also holds a grudge against Kara for making her son leave after deciding that there isn’t any reason for him to stay in National City any longer.

A Bizarre Encounter

After Cat tells her that their mentor/mentee relationship needs to go back to the more professional boss/subordinate role, Kara gets some air on the balcony and James joins her. Having been given a bizarre pep-talk by Winn to come clean with his feelings for Kara, Kara nips the whole thing in the bud and tells James to leave her alone.

Flying home (slowly, with no apparent concern that her neighbors might see), Kara grabs a snack and then notices an eerie, slimy object on her coffee table that looks a little like an alien egg from the movie Alien.

Whatever kind of creature the egg contained is hanging out on her ceiling, and pounces on her as the episode ends.

(Homework to read before next week’s episode, which was the last episode produced before the series got a full season order and would therefore presumably have been written as a quasi-finale: “For the Man Who Has Everything,” by Alan Moore.)

Supergirl S1E12

Supergirl S1E12
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Considering the incredible pace this show has taken so far, it was bound to hit a rough patch and I believe we are in the thick of it right now. A lot of things have just seemed off recently and the show has lost some of the charm that propelled the first handful of episodes. For example, Bizarro and Kara’s eye-beam showdown, which was suspenseful enough to take us into a commercial, just suddenly ends for no apparent reason other than “look at what else I can do.”

And when Bizarro kidnaps James, for some reason she decides to take him hostage rather than simply kill him—which is kind of antithetical to the whole concept of Bizarro as a unthinking monster. I can excuse this for being a side-effect of having Kara’s DNA, but later, when she finally does decide to go through with killing him, she blows fire right next to him, presumably for a good fifteen minutes, until Supergirl can show up a while later. (During which time, James was doing what, exactly? Chastising her? “Ouch! You singed off all my arm hair! It really sinks in here now. Thanks a lot, Bizarro.”)

Little details like those are starting to feel clunky and ill-conceived rather than instances of campy quirkiness the show has otherwise done a good job of embracing. In addition, the initial physical confrontation between Supergirl and Bizarro was entirely too slow and looked like Claymation. But negatives aside, I did enjoy seeing a Bizarro-Supergirl, and her “corruption” scene after being shot by the DEO was legitimately creepy. Melissa Benoist did a fantastic job adopting new mannerisms for Bizarro. I also liked how the goal was to save Bizarro rather than punch her until she goes away. I hope we get to see her again, in whatever capacity—ally or foe.

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