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Supergirl – S1E14 – Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Previously on Supergirl, ‘For the Girl Who Has Everything’

Images: CBS/Screenshots

Images: CBS/Screenshots

A “Non” Issue

The theme this week is prison, or, more broadly, the prisons we create. Literally, it means having to answer for the fact that the DEO is holding a human suspect in solitary confinement at length and without charge.

Figuratively, it means having to cope with isolation, both as a result of losing someone close (as is the case for Kara and Non), and as a result of having to keep a secret (as is the case for Alex and Hank).

After losing his wife in a battle with the DEO, you’d be forgiven for thinking Non would open this episode wanting to wreak havoc, finally freed from her artificial rules and lingering humanity. But coincidentally, Kryptonian culture seems to be quite compatible with the concept of “sweeps,” so Non promises to return in exactly two weeks, after he’s spent the customary time mourning.

That’s not to say Astra’s death didn’t have more immediate repercussions in other ways. Kara is holding a nasty grudge against Hank for killing Astra just as Kara felt she was starting to get through to her, and it doesn’t seem like one that will go away without being confronted somehow. Unfortunately, as we all know, poor Hank is just covering for Alex. I hope that whole situation ends up doing something more than just serving as a “you lied to me and now I’m not talking to you!” stunt, but we’ll see.

What’s more, when Supergirl asks her the Elura Construct about the ominous-sounding “Project Myriad” Astra talked about before her death, the construct essentially panics and says it will self-destruct if she is asked anything further.

Max in Prison

Although I think it comes an episode or two too late, James voices a concern over the DEO’s unlawful imprisonment of Max Lord. He decides to do so after Cat gives him an apt lecture about what it means to be a good reporter.

James and Cat

Being a good reporter, according to Cat, means having to get personal. Cat tells a story about covering an A-list star early in her career. When it became clear that the A-lister was being violent toward his wife, Cat decided to give in to pressure and not mention it. But when the A-lister kills his wife some time later, it leaves Cat wrestling with the “what-ifs.”

In this situation, the what-ifs are too much to bear, and James convinces Alex to let Max go. Before he leaves the compound, they are sure to promise him mutually assured destruction—if he tells what he knows about them, the DEO will tell what they know about Max.

Max Goes Free

James also uses Cat’s lecture as inspiration to ask Kara if he can tell Lucy her identity, because the secret is starting to hurt their relationship.

The Master Jailer

Meanwhile, the latest threat to emerge from the crash of Fort Rozz is one of the guards. Posing as an FBI agent by day, by night he calls himself the The Master Jailer and has taken it upon himself to do the DEOs dirty work of rounding up the escapees.

Unfortunately, as villains do, he takes it one step too far because he is keen on lopping off the prisoners’ heads with a laser guillotine (whereas the DEO is just keen on holding them indefinitely). It’s up to Supergirl to stop him.

Master Jailer

Supergirl ends up meeting a fairly interesting character this way. He calls himself the Professor, and is a non-violent offender who has rehabilitated himself in the pursuit of truth and knowledge. After spending an hour or two with him, Kara trusts him enough to share her real name with him, so I can only assume we’ll see him again.

Supergirl S1E14
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A fine start to the second half of the season, mostly held together by occasional character moments like Cat and James talking about how being a good person can often be synonymous with being a good reporter. At this point I am further intrigued by Project Myriad, especially after Elura’s reaction, and look forward to seeing how Assistant #1 (Siobhan Smyth) fits in at CatCo.

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