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Supergirl – S1E17 – Manhunter

Previously on Supergirl,Falling’

Before next week’s episode with the Flash, we have a whole episode’s worth of flashbacks!

Henshaw? Nah. J’onzz.

Alex visits Hank, who was taken prisoner by his own organization after last week’s reveal. The idea that the DEO was being run by an alien isn’t sitting well with the public at large, who are still on edge over Supergirl’s out-of-character antics. But Alex vows not to abandon him even as the DEO is taken over by someone named Colonel James Harper. And wouldn’t you know it? Lucy Lane is there, too, because she’s already familiar with the DEO.

Images: CBS/Screenshots

Images: CBS/Screenshots

When Harper and Lane begin interrogating Hank, we’re treated to the flashback that finally reveals just what happened between Jeremiah Danvers and Hank Henshaw. Danvers was a member of Hank’s squad, who set out to find and capture the Martian Manhunter. But when Danvers splits with the main group and almost gets bitten by a snake, he’s surprised to find that the Martian Manhunter not only saves him but is actually not the monster Hank made him out to be.

Over a campfire, Jeremiah convinces the Manhunter that his daughter is an alien, so he has nothing to fear from him. Later, when Hank finds the two and tries to kill the Manhunter, Danvers helps fight back. Hank is thrown off a cliff, with Danvers mortally wounded. Watching his friend die, the Manhunter vows to protect his daughters.

Hank the Hunter

I have to wonder, since this flashback was being framed as a story being told to Harper and Lucy, didn’t Hank just out Supergirl’s identity? Or, at the very least, spill the beans that Jeremiah Danvers was harboring an alien? For us to “see” this bit of information, but not Harper, doesn’t quite make sense narratively speaking, and would alter the story he was telling significantly.

Then again, that’s probably why they decide to arrest him anyway—they know he’s skipping some important details. Unfortunately, Alex gets caught up in the interrogation, too, and as they are both hauled away Kara finds out that they’re being taken to something called Project Cadmus.

Meanwhile, Siobhan Smythe hasn’t taken nicely to Kara getting her fired. Seeking revenge, she sneaks (breaks?) into CatCo and writes Cat a scathing email from Kara’s computer.

Danvers and Jonn

There Are No Birds on Krypton

After Hank and Alex are taken away, Kara tells James what is happening. He is surprised that Lucy is there, and happens to know what Project Cadmus is thanks to his relationship with Clark—it’s an alien dissection lab, and the reason Superman won’t work with the government.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know where it is. So they decide to invite Lucy over, where Kara will finally reveal her secret as a gesture of faith. After recounting what happened after her arrival on Earth, leading up to her vow of servitude to Cat, Kara says that when you’re an alien, you have to turn away from your fundamental instincts simply to fit in, something she insinuates Lucy should know all about given how much she sells out to Harper.

In other words, Kara showed Lucy who she really is because she trusts that Lucy will show them who she really is under that uniform.

Mind Meld

Big Wheels Keep on Turnin’

Lucy decides to go rogue and help Kara find Hank and Alex. The two mount up on motorcycles and run a transport rig off the road. In the commotion, Hank tries to memory wipe Harper, but discovers a disturbing truth—Jeremiah Danvers might still be alive at Project Cadmus.

Now fugitives, Hank and Alex take the motorcycles and ride off into the night. Lucy and Supergirl return to the DEO to find that Harper has tendered his resignation and left Lucy in charge.

Director Lane

Meanwhile, at CatCo, Cat invites Siobhan back and reveals to her that Winn has helped her figure out that Kara’s nasty email was actually sent by her. She warns Siobhan that if she ever pulls a stunt like that again, she will call the police.

When Siobhan heads for the rooftop for a drink, Winn follows her and attempts to explain why he ratted her out. Something about truth and justice and all of that.

Suddenly, Siobhan’s heel breaks and sends her tripping backwards over the ledge. But just as she’s about to hit the pavement, something strange happens… she screams with enough force to cushion her fall.


Supergirl S1E17
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I thought this episode was clever. For the most part I enjoyed the flashbacks, even if certain aspects felt a bit… tame. The big moment when the Martian Manhunter befriends Jeremiah Danvers was brought about by… a snake? Those issues were minor, however, and mostly outshined by major plot changes, the payoffs for which have been brewing for most of the season. I’m curious to know how Lucy runs the DEO and want to see more of her in that capacity, and the addition of the Silver Banshee to the cast is exciting. And while the prospect of Jeremiah being alive adds some suspense, I’m mostly looking forward to seeing how Alex and Hank live their lives as fugitives.

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