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Supergirl – S1E18 – Worlds Finest

Previously on Supergirl,Manhunter’

There is so much that could be said about this episode. From the title—Worlds Finest, not World’s Finest (no apostrophe)—to Kara’s mention of there being “infinite Earths” at the end, this cross-over episode worked well by alluding to the fact that there might be even more to come. And there’s no reason one of the other infinite Earths couldn’t be the one currently showcased in theaters.

I doubt that will happen, but it could.

Kara and the Flash

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And anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. This had nothing to do with Batman v. Superman. It was all about Flash and Supergirl. And while it didn’t get me charged up to actually go and binge-watch The Flash, I thought the two superheroes had amazing chemistry and it was fun to watch.

Preceding Flash’s arrival, Winn has brought Siobhan to the DEO in order to be checked out after last week’s fall from the top of a building. Except they can’t find anything wrong with her, which seems to only piss her off. With an axe to grind, she overhears the villain Livewire talking about how she’d love to get revenge on Cat Grant and appears to begin plotting something.

Siobhan at the DEO

Siobhan travels to CatCo—despite a stern warning from Cat last week—and ignores Winn’s pleas to leave before using her screamy/yelly voice to send Kara through the window and down to the street below.

Luckily, that’s when Flash (Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin) shows up. He catches her and (inexplicably) takes her to some remote field where they introduce each other and determine he’s somehow crossed-over to the wrong Earth.

Kara takes her new friend to the hangout. Barry checks the internet and realizes that certain parts of his universe, like STAR Labs, don’t exist, even while some, like Central City, do. Barry and Winn seem to immediately hit it off (almost too well… it makes me wonder why they can’t give Winn a friend as good as Barry from week-to-week) but James begins to get jealous when he sees how much Kara seems to enjoy Barry’s company.

Ice Cream Cones

Especially when he jets out to get them all some ice cream cones right quick.

Meanwhile, Siobhan goes to visit a long lost (or just ignored) psychic aunt, and learns that the unsettling feelings she’s been having lately are due to an old family curse—the Banshee. It would seem the only way to get rid of the curse is to kill the object of obsession. So she decides to break Livewire out of prison to help take care of Supergirl so she can end Kara Danvers for good. For whatever reason, Livewire is totally into the idea, and spends what can only be many, many hours helping her apply body paint and designing a menacing costume.

Banshee Scream

With Livewire free, Lucy calls Kara and tells her to get Cat to safety, but Cat has faith that Supergirl will protect them and decides to stand firm. Recognizing that she may be in over her head, Supergirl asks Barry to help her keep them safe. Unfortunately, when sparks begin to fly, the two realize that they’re in over their heads and agree to flee.

Worried that she’ll never be able to rehabilitate her image after what happened with the Red Kryptonite, Kara gets a pep talk from Flash as they regroup. He says she basically just needs to slow down and trust that the public will forgive her. This can only be a callback to a previous episode of The Flash where he must have experienced something similar.


Later, Barry invents a kind of ear bud that will dampen the effects of Silver Banshee’s scream. It’s just in time, too, because the pair reemerge and abduct Cat, then call the superheroes out.

At the park, Cat pleads to be left alive for her boys. Supergirl and Flash show up and put up a fight but get separated. Livewire gets the upper hand over Supergirl, who gets knocked out when she puts herself between Livewire’s electricity and a helicopter.

Crowd Around Supergirl

Recognizing Supergirl’s sacrifice, all of the bystanders step in to help her and the firefights douse Livewire with water, which spreads her electricity to incapacitate Silver Banshee as well. The firefighters tell Supergirl that it was their turn to help her for once. (I hear these were the same firefighters from the Livewire episode.)

As Livewire and Silver Banshee are taken away, Supergirl is the hero of National City once more.

His part of the bargain complete, Supergirl takes Flash out to the field where he first took her. The plan is for her to keep up with him and then, when they’re both going as fast as they can, for her to grab him and throw him even farther forward. This will, presumably, open a trans-dimensional portal.

Goodbye Barry

Is it the little device on his chest? I dunno. I wish I watched that show. I liked Barry and it was sad to think the characters would have no real way of knowing if they’d ever see each other again. The two even have a touching moment wherein he tells her to ignore his previous advice about going slow when it comes to James Olsen.

Speaking of which, James stops by Kara’s place later that night. Kara wants to talk about Infinite Earths—and how if two things can find a way to occupy the same space and vibrate at the same frequency, maybe they can be together. He seems to get the meaning, even if he does look a bit dense, so then she kisses him.

Zombie James

Unfortunately, James seems to have turned into some kind of drone. Watching him leave, Kara notices that most of the town are silently leaving their apartments and walking out into the street.

Non has activated Myriad.

Supergirl S1E18
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As I said above, I feel like the acknowledgement of there being infinite earths is important, because it means that even though this series seems to be separate from other DC properties, there is a way to bring them all together. The casual viewer may consider this a silly plot device, but it has a lot of precedence in the comics—the famous Crisis on Infinite Earths being the obvious example. Maybe in 10 years that will be how DC inevitably hits the reboot button on everything they’re currently producing.

It’s fun to think about, if nothing else. Otherwise, I really enjoyed seeing another superhero on Supergirl’s side in this episode. I’m glad Winn has found a friend who allows him to just be who he really seems to be, which made it kind of sad when the two had to part ways. I also thought this episode had some really great performances. After Kara and James kiss, for example, the range of emotions Kara runs through in under 10 seconds (as she is waiting for a reaction) was both hard to watch and believable.

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  1. I thought this episode was kinda corny but in a good way.

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