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Supergirl – S1E19 – Myriad

Previously on Supergirl, ‘Worlds Finest’

Well, we don’t have to wonder any longer what Myriad is. It’s a mind-control device. Which is kind of awesome, I think. It’s like something out of an old-fashioned comic book.

Non, with the help of Indigo, has activated the device over National City, partly by hijacking Maxwell Lord’s satellites. Not only does this turn everyone under its influence into drones, but it bends them to Non’s will. And his will, it seems, is actually kind of noble—he wants to save the world.

For some reason, the first order of business seems to be breaking all of the Fort Rozz escapees out of the DEO. He taps into Lucy’s brain to do so, but Supergirl shows up in the nick of time and keeps things under control, despite being shot by Kryptonite bullets.

Kara Digs out Bullet

After being rightfully creeped out at the thought of being the only self-aware person in National City, Kara decides to travels to the Fortress of Solitude to ask the droid where Superman is. The droid tells her that he’s off-world on an important mission—how convenient!—and refuses to answer any of her questions about Myriad. But then a holographic construct of her mother appears and gives her an info-dump about the whole thing. Non and Astra designed Myriad in a bold attempt to save Krypton by controlling everyone’s minds. The reason her other avatar refused to talk about it was because it’s so dangerous. It can’t be stopped.

See? Like something out of an old-fashioned comic book.

Hank and Alex

Elsewhere, a random bus gets stopped at a checkpoint. A blonde Alex is seated in the back with a small child, even as law enforcement agents board the bus and flash around a tablet with their pictures on it. Fortunately, Alex and Hank are masters of disguise.

Not knowing where else to go, Kara returns to National City and visits CatCo. Everyone, including Winn and James, is seated at their workstations typing away at something that looks like the Kryptonian matrix. Supergirl calls General Lane, and the two form an uneasy alliance.

Cat arrives, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the entire city has gone brainless. As the two overlook the city and Supergirl fills Cat in on Myriad, Maxwell Lord shows up, also unaffected. Which is strange, because when Superman—back from his off-world jaunt—tries flying into National City, he gets caught up in Myriad, too.

Text from Clark

Maxwell isn’t affected because he invented an ion blocker for himself. He sent a pair of earrings for Cat that do the same. He suspects the reason that Superman was susceptible even as Kara isn’t is because Superman was raised on Earth… that whole nature versus nurture thing.

Meanwhile, in their evil lair, Indigo and Non spar over how to handle Supergirl. And Alex and Hank show up at the Danvers’ house, where Hank reveals himself to Alex’s mother. She tells them about the situation in National City, and when Kara calls she can’t convince her sister not to come back. Hank says he’ll try to protect her from the effects of Myriad using his telepathy.

Hank Reveals Himself

At CatCo, Maxwell reveals his plans to Cat and Supergirl: he’s got a Kryptonite bomb that he needs Supergirl’s help to detonate over the city. Yes, there will be casualties—he estimates around eight percent of the civilian population—but it’s a small cost for the greater good, and it will result in the deaths of all those pesky Bad Kryptonians.

When Alex and Hank return to National City, Indigo meets them and a fight break out. Hank tosses her into a building that explodes, but Indigo just re-forms (T-1000 style) and stabs Hank through the chest. Appearing to die (or, more likely just lose consciousness), his protection over Alex drops and Myriad takes over her mind.


At Lord Technologies, Supergirl and Cat make a plea to Maxwell to not go through with his plan. She calls out his behavior as an appeal to fear—the very thing he claimed to have against Supergirl in the first place. Convinced, he instead helps Cat turn on an old analog-broadcast facility of hers in an attempt to piggyback a message of hope to people using the Myriad signal, since it’s using his satellites and all.

Unfortunately, before they can get started, Supergirl hears something outside and goes to investigate. It’s a Kryptonite-laden Alex, complete with the Kryptonite sword that killed Astra. Non, speaking through Alex, tells Supergirl that he’s found her ultimate weakness, and wants her to join Astra.

As the two jump into the air toward each other… we’ll have to come back next week to see how it all turns out.

Despite–or perhaps because of–the absence of Winn and James, this episode had everything that I have enjoyed about this series so far. Its campiness, its ability to be self-aware (did you catch Non’s reference to villains-of-the-week?), Cat and Maxwell, Alex and Hank, a text message from Clark, and a lone Supergirl having to figure things out on her own. I also enjoyed the callback to the Super-shield being a symbol of hope. We all know how things will likely turn out next week… but that’s not why we watch, right? I’m glad this was renewed for a second season.

Supergirl S1E19 = 10/10
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