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Supergirl – S2E11 – The Martian Chronicles

Previously on Supergirl, “We Can Be Heroes”

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

I’ll Protect You, Forever

After last week’s revelation that the White Martians are coming, J’onn feels it would be best to stay close to M’gann to protect her. Even though M’gann didn’t appreciate the extra security, J’onn’s suspicions were right on as a White Martian attacked them outside of the Underground Alien Bar. Luckily, Supergirl was at the bar because it took both J’onn, M’gann as well as Supergirl to run the alien off. This White Martian, who goes by Armek, has history with M’gann. Judging by the scar on his right eye and M’gann coming closer to killing him than anyone their “marriage” didn’t end well. Armek is here to take M’gann back to Mars to pay for her war crimes by betraying the White Martians. Armek gives M’gann 2 hours to turn herself in or Armek is willing to kill all of her Earth friends and M’gann herself. Before M’gann could pack her go bag and get out of town, J’onn convinces her to come back to the DEO so he and the team can protect her.


M’gann begrudgingly accepts even though she doesn’t want to put them in danger. At the DEO, as M’gann is being debriefed about how they are tracking Armek, another M’gann walks into the control room and points out that the other M’gann is Armek in disguise. After a battle between J’onn and the disguised Armek, the power goes out momentarily. Winn is able to get the auxillary power back up and J’onn puts the DEO in lockdown to prevent Armek from escaping. However, Armek had enough time to disguise himself as one of the remaining agents. The team decides to do the fire challenge by putting their hands near a flame to get Armek to reveal his Martian form. Winn turns out to be Armek in disguise and before he could burn J’onn alive Supergirl attacks Armek, but he is able to flee again.  M’gann tells the team since Armek was able to mimic Winn so perfectly he must have Winn to stop running in the building. The remaining team needs to search for Winn because Armek has sabotaged the nuclear reactor that powers the DEO. Only Winn can fix this before 10 city blocks blow up with the DEO building.

The team pairs off into teams of two, and J’onn and M’gann pair off. J’onn takes this time to let M’gann know how dear she has become to him and how he will always protect her. They do find the real Winn trapped in a giant black web with Alex trapped as well. When Supergirl was paired off with Alex she has actually been paired off with a White Martian!

J’onn & Winn make it to the reactor room, but they are greeted by Armek. M’gann joins the fight to help J’onn against Armek. While Supergirl was intent on knocking out the White Martian who impersonated Alex, M’gann decides to use a more permanent means on Armek as she stabs him in his spine with a broken pipe. Yikes! This whole ordeal of standing up to the White Martians has motivated M’gann to go back to Mars to find other White Martians who are like-minded and help them. Even  though J’onn hated to lose the one person he has made such a strong connection with, he says goodbye to Miss Martian.

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The title of this episode, “The Martian Chronicles,” is the same name of a 3-part miniseries that aired in 1980. It was based on the novel of the same name that was written in 1940.


This was a fun little episode centered around  J’onn and M’gann. It was nice to get some more backstory on the Martian characters and flesh out their chemistry a bit. They probably won’t win a 2017 Pro-Fanny anytime soon for their work, but it was fine for what it was. With that being said it appears that the Miss Martian arc is over, but I wish she could have lasted a little longer. I would have loved to see how great M’gann would be with her confidence and no longer wallowing in self-pity.

The banter between agents Vasquez and Demos was hilarious when they thought the other was the White Martian. Also Supergirl being completely oblivious to the Martian Alex’s hand gestures and her side-eyeing J’onn on not being able to use her x-ray vision because the DEO is lined with lead made me laugh out loud. Even though Supergirl played a bit of a secondary role this episode there was still plenty to talk about with her. Because of the way Kara left Krypton she has some abandonment issues. Those issues came to the forefront when Alex almost skipped Kara’s Earth birthday to go see a Canadian rock band with Maggie, but they settled their issues within the episode. Just as Kara started feeling like she wanted to make something work with Mon-El, he decided to swipe right and date Miss Teschmacher. Mon-El is going to give this workplace romance a chance again. What could possibly go wrong?


Supergirl S2E11
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"The Martian Chronicles"

Starring: Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, Mehcad Brooks, Jeremy Jordan

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