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Review: Superman #1 (Convergence)

Superman #1 Convergence Cover

Superman and Lois Lane have been trapped in Gotham for nearly a year. While they were attending a news convention (with Jimmy Olson), a mysterious dome descended over the city, not allowing for travel in or out. It also took away Clark’s superpowers. They’ve been living normally – if you call Clark going out each night to fight crime while Lois monitors his activities at home, normal. Even without his powers, Superman tries to protect the people of Gotham from those who make life worse inside the dome. It appears in this version of Gotham, Bruce Wayne is dead.

Lois Is PregnantWhile breaking up a mugging, Superman gets his powers back as the dome lifts. Despite hearing the voice issuing demands and explaining what the disappearance of the dome means, Superman heads home to Lois. She’s relieved he’s okay, but more importantly she’s happy their baby will be born back in Metropolis. Oh, didn’t I mention she’s pregnant?

Superman finally listens to the recording of Telos instructing one superhuman from their city to fight against a superhero from another city plucked out its world. The last city’s champion will have earned the continued survival of everyone. The losing cities will be wiped from existence.

Meanwhile, the superheroes of Gotham City from the Flashpoint Universe (Batman, Kal El, Cyborg, and Captain Thunder) reckon they should probably strike first. It’s too late, though, because Superman has arrived and he’s coming in fast. As soon as he enters that city’s atmosphere, he realizes it’s more “repugnant” than his Gotham and the Bruce Wayne there seems to be a bit of an asshole who owns a bunch of casinos.

He’s quickly attacked by Captain Thunder, but he’s not down for long. He didn’t come to fight, but Captain Thunder doesn’t believe him. Green Lantern and Cyborg move in even though Green Lantern has his doubts. Superman holds them off insisting that no one has to die. Lois, communicating with him via an earpiece, assures him that trying to reason with them is the best course of action. A truce a tentatively agreed upon.

Unfortunately, Jimmy chooses that moment to arrive in a flying car courtesy of Dr. Hamilton at S.T.A.R. Labs. Green Lantern and Cyborg believe they’ve been set up by Superman.

Having heard Lois’ voice, Flashpoint Kal-El heads to find her, believing her to be his Lois who died. He arrives at her apartment and begs her to come with him so he can save her from this doomed world. He won’t listen to reason and doesn’t understand that she’s not the person he thinks she is. She screams for Clark, but he’s too busy being beaten by Captain Thunder, Green Lantern, and Cyborg.

Kal El Confused

Score | 8.5/10Overall Thoughts:
  • One of the things that pulled me into this story – besides the fact that Superman is my all-time favorite superhero – was Clark’s desire to still help the city even though he didn’t have his powers. Lois’ concern, reminding him that he’s not Batman, was adorable.
  • Interesting that the heroes of the world pitted against him seem to be more willing to participate in such a barbaric game. I’m hoping that the fighting will stop soon so they can focus on Telos.
  • I’m not familiar with who this Kal-El from Flashpoint is supposed to be. He seems like a scrawnier, mentally unstable version of Superman.
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