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Review: Superman #2 (Convergence)

Previously in Superman #1 

An unexpected surprise with reading these event series (I recently read Spider-Verse and just began Secret Wars 2015) is how much it has made me want to veer outside of these storylines to read more about the characters featured within. Thanks to Spider-Verse, I am now hooked on Silk and Spider-Woman. I was so impressed with the two-issue Harley Quinn Convergence tie-in that I’m going back to read more about the character.

Here, in the conclusion of this Superman tie-in, I’m fascinated by the Flashpoint Batman. He’s an asshole, but the story of him losing a son and his mother becoming The Joker is too good to pass up.

Superman Covergence #2 Cover

Super-Man is still fighting Captain Thunder, Green Lantern, and Cyborg, while trying to talk sense into them at the same time. Meanwhile, Batman is comparing what he learns about the other Gotham’s Superman to his own. And despite taking time out from the battle to get Jimmy to safety, Superman ends up being saved by Jimmy when he blasts Green Lantern. Good thing, that: Lois Lane is calling for help in Superman’s earpiece.

Cyborg - Green Lantern - Captain Thunder

Flashpoint’s Kal-El has kidnapped Lois and brought her to the Batcave so Batman – a doctor- can help deliver her baby. His closeness to his Lois, who’s dead, drives him to want to help this Lois – even though he kidnapped her.

Superman arrives at their apartment to find footage of Lois’ abduction on her laptop. Green Lantern appears and he’s now totally convinced Superman doesn’t want trouble. He explains Kal-El’s fascination with Lois, which assures Superman he won’t hurt her.

He tracks Lois to the Batcave via the earpiece’s connection to Lois’ laptop. He’s just in time to deliver his son because Batman is too tormented by his past to do so. Everyone hugs it out and all is well.

Lois at the Batcave

Score | 8/10I don’t regret buying these two tie-ins – again, it’s because of them that I now have an interest in Flashpoint (Well, that and The Flash) – but I wish the Superman story was more substantial. The most interesting aspects of the issue had nothing to do with Superman, which makes me feel like it could have been any other character. This could be an issue with not understanding the backstories prior to going into the issue, but it was an issue all the same.

Hopefully, I’ll have time this weekend to knock out Convergence issues 1 thru 6, and maybe that will change how I view this story.

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