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Supernatural – S10E16 – Paint it Black

Previously on Supernatural, ‘The Things They Carried’

The Grand Coven’s Secret

Rowena, still upset because Crowley has not spoken on her behalf to the Grand Coven that exiled her, is doing all kinds of mischievous things like implanting a second face at the back of one of Crowley’s minions head. Crowley’s losing patience with Rowena, but she reminds him if it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t exist. However Crowley later relents and capture’s Olivette, the high priestess of the Coven, and presents her to Rowena. Rowena beats up on Olivette to get what she wants, but eventually finds out the Grand Coven is not as powerful because their secrets were stolen by the Men of Letters. The only remaining members are the Winchesters. Rowena turns Olivette into a hamster but when she tells Crowley about the secrets, Crowley tell her he’s not going to kill the Winchesters. Rowena seems not to care as she obviously has her own idea of how to get into the bunker to get magical secrets of the Grand Coven.

Dean’s Confession

Sam and Dean investigate a series of catholic related suicides where the victims are all gruesomely impaling themselves..

sam, dean and priest

During the investigation Dean meets a hot nun and relates with her when she explains the reason she joined the Coventry was to escape her bad life by devoting herself to a greater mission. Later, in an effort to lure out the ghost,

hot nun

Dean goes to confession but what starts out as Dean joking about the girls he’s been with turns into a confession about his desire to not die despite its inevitability due to the Mark of Cain.

dean's confession


Through a conversation with the hot nun we learn the ghost, Isabella, was a nun from the 16th century who was in love with an Italian artist but becomes spurned when she confesses her love for him and he doesn’t reciprocate. The nun later reads Isabella’s journal and learns Isabella eventually finds the artist in bed banging another woman and in a fit of rage stabs him to death. She brings the news to the boys who deduct something in the church is tethering the ghost. At first Dean thinks it’s the journal and has Sam burn it, but before he does Sam reads from the journal and finds out Isabella cut her finger and mixed her blood in the artist’s painting of her. Just then Isabella possesses the nun and goes after Dean but just before she stabs him, Sam finds the painting and burns it causing the ghost to leave the nun’s body and saving Dean’s ass.

dean and hot num

Bro moment of the week

On the ride home the boys joke about Dean’s way of thanking Sam for saving his life but eventually Sam notices Dean is not all there. Sam remarks that he noticed how long Dean was at the confessional and reminds him that he’s his brother and he’s there for him if he needs to talk about anything. Sam then tells Dean that the Mark of Cain is not terminal and they will find a cure.

dean in car

Overall, I was kinda bored with this episode as the side characters just were not interesting. Coupled with beyond annoying Rowena and this episode just didn’t do it for me. The fact that it seems that they are setting Rowena up to be the new big bad does not bode well for the show as she’s just not that interesting.

Best Quotes
  • Dean to Sam: “Who kills himself with a candlestick? There’s about a million better ways.”
  • Dean to Sister Mathias: “Scissors to the gut really brings out the Grinch in me.”
  • Dean in Confession: “Gina, don’t get me wrong; it was good times. You know how it is, the sex, the lasagna, but I was not honest with her. Sometimes I was seeing two, maybe three girls at the same time, sometimes the same day.”
  • Dean to priest: “I believe in God. But I am not sure he still believes in us”.
  • Dean to Sam: ‘Who mixes their blood into paint? No woman’s ever done that for me”
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