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Supernatural – S10E17 – Inside Man

Previously on Supernatural, ‘Paint it Black’

dean and sam

Sam and Castiel follow up on a lead about the Mark of Cain, which leads to the return of a fan favorite. Dean and Rowena meet to have the ultimate face off.

“Hells, I’m already dead. What’s the worst that could happen?” – Bobby
Bobby’s Back!

The Mark of Cain’s hold on Dean is increasing, manifesting in Dean having nightmares. Sam uses a French movie as an excuse to ditch Dean and goes off with Castiel to find a cure. They decide their only hope is to get to Metatron in Heaven, but when they get to Heaven’s door they are met by Hannah (who’s now a man). She/He knows what Castiel is up to and will not let him go to Heaven for fear he will let Metatron escape. Sam comes up with plan B, which is to contact Bobby Singer in Heaven so that he can help them break Metatron out of Heaven Jail. To contact Bobby Sam and Castiel find a physic atheist named Oliver Pryce who used to train with the Men of Letters back in the day.

They perform a Séance that allows Sam to contact Bobby, whose Heaven consists of drinking whiskey in his house while reading Tori Spelling’s autobiography.


Bobby hears Sam through an old radio and agrees to escape his personal Heaven so he can open a door to Earth so that allows Castiel to sneak into Heaven.


Castiel and Bobby break Metatron out, who not only is still calling Cas Asstiel but is reluctant at first because he’s scared of Dean but when finds out Dean’s not involved agrees to work with the B team.

Metatron is full of shit

Back on Earth, Metatron refuses to help because he thinks he has all the leverage. But Castiel cuts his throat and steals his grace so that when Sam shoots him in the leg it actually hurts him like a normal person. Metatron quickly admits he made up the “River ends at the Source” thing because he was stalling. He says the only way to cure the Mark of Cain is by powerful magic that can only be performed by the likes of God or Lucifer. Metatron does agree to give Castiel’s grace back if they don’t kill him.

Dean vs Rowena

With Sam gone Dean passes time by first pranking Sam by wiping his toothbrush under his armpit then Dean goes to a bar and hustles some frat boys in a game of pool. While in the bathroom, Dean sees his reflection with demon eyes perhaps suggesting the Mark is turning him back into a demon. Meanwhile Rowena tracks Dean at the bar and uses her powers to cause the frat boys to attack Dean. Dean fights back and dispatches them easily, but refuses to kill.

Dean beats on fratboys

Rowena uses a spell to destroy Dean – much to her surprise, it doesn’t work.

Dean threatens to kill Rowena, but she tells him she’s the only one who can prevent the spell she put on the frat boys from eating them away. Dean also learns Rowena is Crowley’s mother. Later, Rowena returns to hell and cuts herself up so she can tell Crowley that Dean did it, but Crowley is not impressed. Rowena tells Crowley she tried to kill Dean for him because the Winchesters are turning him soft. When she wonders why the spell she used didn’t work, Crowley explains that Dean was protected by the Mark of Cain. Rowena says the Mark is just a curse and she will find a cure so she can kill Dean.



Crowley visits Dean, but instead of a confrontation they talk it out. Dean tells Crowley he didn’t hurt Rowena even though he wanted to and Crowley instantly believes his BFF over his mom. Dean gives Crowley a stimulating speech about family and tells him that he is indeed turning soft.

Dean and crowley

Crowley goes back to hell and kicks Rowena out. He tells her she’s a deadbeat mom and the only reason she stuck around is because he’s the king of Hell. Crowley tells her the only reason he allowed her to stay was because she was right about him being soft, but not anymore. Rowena rages and promises to watch everything her son built burned to the ground.

Bro Moment of the Week

Sam gets back and both he and Dean lie to each other about their day. Sam goes into his room and reads a moving letter Bobby left with Castiel about not looking for the cure behind Dean’s back. Bobby also says he’s content being in Heaven, but getting the call from Sam is the happiest he’s ever been in forever no matter what it costs. The episode ends as a teary-eyed Sam digests Bobby’s words.


Best Quotes

Dean to Sam “Like a drunk baby” (after Sam asks him how he slept)

  • Oliver to Castiel : “No, you can’t be an angel”
  • Castiel: “Why Not?”
  • Oliver: “Because I’m an Atheist”
  • Sam: “Not anymore”

Score | 7.5/10Dean to Rowena: “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this and by nice I mean evil skank”.

Bobby to Sam: “So stay safe, keep fighting, and kick it in the ass”

Bobby to Cas about Metatron: “This is the Scribe of God? He looks like a Fraggle.”

Overall, I liked this episode as it was fun to see Bobby again. I always felt Bobby had better chemistry with the boys than Jeffrey Dean Morgan ever did as a father, and I’ve really missed his character on the show. Rowena didn’t annoy me as much in this episode although that could be because things didn’t go her way. I am over the whole Mark of Cain plot line, but I guess they are going to ride that till the end of the season. There was a moment when Bobby tells Sam “Remember when a case just meant we kicked in some fangs and throw a cold one?” Amen to that as Supernatural needs to get back to fun monsters of the week episodes.

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