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Supernatural – S10E18 – Book of the Damned

Previously on Supernatural, ‘Inside Man’

Castiel and Metatrons

Castiel and Metatron go on a road trip to find Castiel’s grace, but Metatron is stalling to avoid certain death once that happens. Along with loving pancakes and Alana Morissette, a now graceless, mortal Metatron has the gift of gab that has Cas questioning whether he should just kill him outright.

metatron and cas

Along the way they get attacked by an angry cupid who’s pissed at both of them for corrupting heaven. During the scuffle Metatron saves Cas’ life but Cas tells him it changes nothing. They arrive at a library that’s supposed to contain a clue to Cas’ grace (Metatron had an angel hide it as torture proof). While at the library Metatron continues to stall by questioning Cas’ purpose on earth while he uses the blood from the wound on his leg (from last episode) to write a spell to kill Cas. As Cas collapses he somehow finds his grace in one of the books and hulks out into the powerful angel we first saw in Season 4 but not before Metatron escapes with his true motivation: the Demon Tablet.

castiel's wings

Charlie and the Book of Damn

Charlie (Felicia Day) is back, clad in a hoody and sword, looking like she just got off the Arrow set. She has the Book of the Damned and claims it can cure Dean of the Mark of Cain (Although, how does she knows that without being able to read or decode the book?). She’s being chased by an ancient evil family tasked with guarding the book, and just barely manages to evade them but gets shot in the process. She eventually contacts the Sam and Dean for help.

Supernatural The Cure

Back at the bunker, Dean tells Sam all about his meeting with Crowley and Rowena and their theory that the Mark of Cain is a curse. Sam doesn’t reciprocate and lies about going behind his back with Castiel to find a cure. When they hear from Charlie, Dean gets hopeful and they meet Charlie at one of Bobby’s old cabins.


While at the cabin, Sam and Charlie translate the book, but even the translation is in code. Meanwhile, Dean researches the family chasing Charlie and learns they’re the Steins, an evil family that once helped the Nazi’s. Dean feels the book calling him to use it, but also feels the dark magic from the book will cause terrible consequences. Dean tells Sam and Charlie they will figure out a different way and leaves. While he’s gone, Sam and Charlie have a heart-to-heart that pretty much recaps all the bro moments from the last couple of seasons. Also, Sam says he’s finally accepted that’s he’s a hunter, but he won’t do it without Dean. Charlie confesses her dream is to start her own company, and marry Scarlett Johansson. Amen.


“Did you know dental floss works great on stitches? I only passed out twice and I’m pretty sure my wound is now minty fresh” – Charlie

Dean stumbles upon The Stein’s at a gas stop and escapes, but not without leading them into the cabin. While Dean and Charlie fight two of their goons, Sam throws the book into the fireplace before confronting and stabbing the leader.

Happy Betrayal

In the aftermath, Cas meets up with the crew at the bunker. Charlie and Cas meet for the first time and she immediately wants to be BFFs because Cas cures her of her bullet wound and her carpal tunnel syndrome. Dean is happy that Cas got his mojo back and tells them they were due for a win. However, Sam and Castiel lie to Dean about how Castiel got his grace back and about Metatron escaping with the demon tablet. And that’s not all. We find out Sam didn’t destroy the Book of the Damned because he switched it during the fight. As he’s telling the story, the camera pans to Rowena, who Sam asks for help to cure Dean. Ugh.

sam and rowena



Okay, seriously, so just like when Dean sold his soul, or when Sam became Lucifer, or when Dean tricked Sam into letting Ezekiel in, we have another plot point where one brother does something stupid behind the other’s back so they can save him. After awhile the writers having Sam and Dean make the same mistakes stops being repetitive and starts bordering on moronic.

Best Quotes
  • “That song is a classic. Yeah, I hear you, I do, and you’re right. Inclement weather on the day of your nuptials and the wrong cutlery at inopportune times in hardly ironic. But it sure is catchy” – Metatron to Cas about Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic”
  • “I’m in a phone booth, a phone booth! I didn’t know these things existed outside of Bill and Ted’s” – Charlie to Sam and Dean
  • “How did this become my life? I was gonna own my own start up, marry ScarJo, invent something cool. Now I’m just happy to be alive”- Charlie to Sam
  • Metatron: We really do make a good team. Kind like a buddy comedy but without the comedy” Cas: “or the buddy”


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