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Supernatural – S10E19 – The Werther Project

Previously on Supernatural, ‘Book of the Damned’

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Sam learns that former Men of Letters, Magnus, once built a magical box, and Sam sets out to find it in the hopes it can cure Dean of the Mark of Cain. However, what he’s not prepared for is the deadly alarm system Magnus set up on the box. When Sam opens the box, he puts both his and Dean’s life in danger.

“I’m over 300 years old. Beauty sleep isn’t optional”- Rowena

After tricking Dean and Charlie into believing he burned the Book of the Damned, Sam’s run of stupid decisions continues as he asks Rowena for help in reading it and finding a cure for Dean. Rowena, still sore from her banishment from hell, agrees If Sam kills Crowley. Sam quickly agrees (unlike Dean, Sam’s not BFFs with Crowley and has no use for him). Rowena says she can read the Book of the Damned, but needs a Codex from a Grand Witch named Nadia, who was killed by the Men of Letters, to decipher it.

Meanwhile, Dean is having fun as Winchesters do by killing six vamps on his own. Sam is upset Dean’s gone rogue, but Dean’s more impressed by his accomplishments.

Sam’s searches the Men of Letters archives and finds where the Codex’s located, but needs a spell to open the box that contains it. Rowena offers to help, but Sam refuses. Sam goes to the house where the Codex resides but Dean, thinking Sam is going alone because he’s still upset, apologizes and strong arms his way into the case.

While Dean distracts the ornery owner of the house Suzie, Sam sneaks in and performs the ritual to open the box. Unfortunately, he opens a sort of Pandora’s Box that releases a yellow mist that possesses your subconscious and causes you to commit suicide.

sam magic

The yellow mist enters both Suzie and Dean and immediately causes Suzie to see her dead brother and mother, who killed themselves in the cold open due to the same mist. Suzie eventually succumbs to the ghosts submissions and shoots herself. Meanwhile, Dean enters a trance while the yellow mist sends his mind into Purgatory.

dean back in purgatory

Sam finds dead Suzie and immediately is confronted by her ghost. She calls him out on all the bad decisions he’s been making (Apparently the mist LAO entered Sam, although it was never shown on screen). But as the ghost starts to take hold and suggest Sam end it all by shooting himself, Rowena dispels the ghost. Rowena and Sam decipher that in order to open the box, it needs the blood of legacy born (Men of Letters) Sam nippily opens up and starts feeding the box.

“You mean the dickwad ex-Men of Letters that tried to make a zoo exhibit out of me?- Dean after Sam asks if he remembers Magnus

While Dean’s mind is in purgatory he’s attacked by a leviathan, but is saved by his old friend Benny the Vampire. Dean recognizes the deception and calls Benny junk from his subconscious. While trying to get away from Benny, Dean realizes he keeps ending up at the same spot in purgatory. Benny says Dean can’t get out because in purgatory he doesn’t have to look for a fight it comes to him, and Dean can kill indeterminately without consciousness. Dean says he’s tired of fighting. Benny points out the paradox, but also mentions a third way and starts to plant the seed of committing suicide.

Dean is able to overcome the compulsion due to the Mark of Cain needing him alive. Dean kills the manifestation of Benny and escapes  in time to stop Sam from bleeding himself out to feed the box. Sam protests, as that’s the only way to get the Codex out, but Dean -without asking what it is – offers his own blood and opens the box.

Bro-moment was short this week as Dean apologizes again for going solo and comments that the Universe is trying to tell them something that they both should already know. They are stronger together than apart. Of course Sam’s doesn’t know (or doesn’t care) as he takes the Codex to Rowena, but he shows he has some common sense left has he chains her and tells her he’ll only release her once she’s found a cure for Dean.

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