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Supernatural – S10E2 – Reichenbach

Previously, on Supernatural: “Black

Supernatural | Reichenbach

We flashback to a 13-year-old Cole hearing some noise and finding his father butchered up. Dean then walks in with a dripping knife. Flash-forward to Cole retelling the story to Sam and asking for his help in finding him (since Dean obviously doesn’t care for Sam). Sam says he doesn’t know what happened with his father but there must’ve been a reason. He refuses to help Cole.

Dean’s at a bar getting hands-y with a stripper, when a bouncer comes over. We transition between scenes of Dean beating on the bouncer and Cole beating on Sam. Cole graduates to a hammer, but before he can perform a patellar reflex, he gets a call from wifey. He conveniently drops the knife while fishing for his phone, and when he comes back from talking to his wife, he sees Sam has escaped and smiles.

Supernatural | Reichenbach

Quick scene with Crawley who wants to talk to Dean concerning his anger management issues. Then we go to Castiel cleaning up on a side road; not having enough grace to heal himself, so Hannah heals him. Castiel gets a call from Sam telling him that Dean’s a demon and that, even though he’s not feeling well, this is an “All hands on deck kind of thing”. Castiel agrees to meet Sam. Hannah tells Castiel the Winchesters are a bad influence on him, but Castiel says they are his friends and he has to help them. He later falls asleep while driving and just narrowly avoids hitting a truck head on.

Crawley tells Dean that he’s addicted to killing and that, since he needs to kill anyway, he might as well do it for him. Crawley tells of a client who sold his soul for his wife’s death because she cheated on him and wants to divorce him for half his money. Dean agrees this one time.

Castiel and Hannah are given a ride by a pedestrian who tells them they can stay over her house while she gets new tires for their car in the morning. (Why doesn’t Hannah just teleport them to where they have to go?)

Dean is stalking the wife of Crawley’s client when the husband, Lester, shows up to watch. Dean advises on murder 101:“When you hire someone to kill your wife, you stay away.” Lester comments that he knows what an alibi is because he watches Franklin and Bash. Dean calls Lester a loser, and he doesn’t blame his wife for cheating and divorcing him. Lester mouths off and calls Dean a punk-ass demon (big mistake); Dean asks him “You like to watch?” and continues, “Watch this,” proceeding to stab him.

Supernatural | Reichenbach

Sam is talking to the bouncer Dean roughed up. He drives away, and we see Cole trailing him.

Castiel has a nice moment with the daughter of the woman who helped them the night before. The mother comments to Hannah what a catch Castiel is; Hannah says they’re not together, and the mother gets a hmmm look.

Dean tells Crawley he killed the client because he was a douche. Crawley says, if the deal was a soul for a dead wife, and there’s no dead wife, there’s no soul. Simple math. Dean shrugs and starts to walk away. Crawley yells not to turn his back on him. Dean turns around and pushes him to the floor. Crawley tells Dean he doesn’t know if he wants to be a human or a demon and then yells at him to choose a side. Dean says they’re not besties, and he kills who he wants, when he wants, but Crawley just breaks up with him (aww), saying the crazy ones are just good for a fling.

Crawley meets up with Sam and tells him he’ll give up Dean “Because he’s too crazy for business” for a finder’s fee.

Castiel wakes up in a park and goes looking for Hannah. A bench lady says Hannah took the express to heaven; when Castiel asks why, we transition to Hannah visiting Metatron. She asks if there’s any of Castiel’s grace left. Metatron says there is, and he will tell her where it is, if she lets him loose. He also says he’s tired of Earth and will disappear to a different universe, but before she can agree, Castiel shows up and puts the kibosh on the deal. Castiel tells Hannah that Metatron is a liar and she should know better. Metatron calls him ASStiel and says words hurt; says he needs him because he will die without his grace. Castiel says Metatron being in prison is his happy place and he will die content knowing that Metatron will spend the rest of eternity trapped in Jail. Metatron says he will eventually escape, and when he does, everyone will die.

Dean is at a bar (of course) reflecting on Crawley’s (Are you a human or demon?) words when Sam walks in. Dean says he told Sam to stay away, but Sam says he can’t because he’s his brother. Dean makes fun of Sam asking if this a Lifetime movie, but Sam says he doesn’t care and that he can’t let go because they have a cure to release the demon. Dean says he knows but he doesn’t want to be cured. Before they could fight, Cole throws a smoke bomb into the bar. As Sam staggers out of the bar, he’s knocked out by Cole; then we get the Cole/Dean confrontation.

Cole comments that he’s been waiting all his life for this; Dean quips, “Oh, a groupie.” Cole asks, “Do you know who I am?” Dean jokes, “You’re the guy from that thing.” Cole accuses Dean of killing his father; Dean says it’s possible, so go ahead and shoot me. Cole says shooting him is not payback and then inexplicably puts the gun away, takes out a knife, and proceeds to gets his ass handed to him. Dean basically toys with him like a cat with a mouse, before revealing that he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with because he’s a demon. Dean puts the first blade to Cole’s throat but doesn’t kill him, saying he changed his mind. Sam jumps Dean from behind with holy water, then cuffs him with silver handcuffs.

Sam gives Crawley the first blade (as payment for giving up Dean). Crawley says he will get rid of it. When Sam looks skeptical, Crawley says he doesn’t want Dean to get a hold of precious because Dean knows Crawley gave him up and “You Winchester’s tend to hold a grudge”. As Crawley walks away, Dean gives him a look that promises pain.

Cole shows up bloody and crazed at a library, demanding everything they have on demons.

While Sam is driving Dean away, he comments how dirty the Impala is. Dean says, “Who cares? It’s just a car.” (Ouch). Sam says he knows what happened back there, and Dean showed mercy by not killing the kid, but Dean says that Cole has been training all his life for this moment, and when he finally had his shot, he was totally humiliated. Dean says not killing Cole was not mercy, but the worst thing he could’ve done to him, and when he gets his hands on Sam, he’s not going to show mercy, either. Overall, this episode was better than the first, and they are off to a good start.

  • Score | 8.5/10The way the opening scene was framed leads me to believe Dean didn’t kill Cole’s father, which leads me to wonder if Cole will eventually join the team.
  • It looks like the show is setting up Hannah as a love interest for Castiel, and I don’t know how I feel about that. At the same time, they can also be setting up Castiel with the woman who gave them a ride. He did have a nice moment with the daughter; I wonder, as he becomes more human, if they will somehow tie that in with the fact that his vessel, Jimmy Novak, also had a wife and daughter.
  • I was surprised that they broke up the Crawley/Dean team-up so quickly, as I thought this would be an ongoing theme. It’s good to know the show can keep you guessing.
  • LOL at Crawley looking at pictures of him and Dean with cowboy hats with Lonely Girls playing in the background. It is obvious Dean meant something to Crawley.
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